Hi Pals! Welcome to Maquillage Magic! I'm a 20 year old student based in Brighton (for uni) and Southampton (my home). I am almost solely going to talk about drugstore/high street beauty items. As i said I’m a student and I really cant afford to buy high end make up all the time!! I love reading peoples blogs but a lot of the time they talk loads about high end products, which although i would love to have i just  can't afford! So i wanted to create a blog where I can talk about and review products that are much more affordable. So I hope you enjoy, L x


All of the opinions on my blog are my own. I will only write about things I really love (or really hate sometimes) and everything I say about these products comes completely from my own mind! All the make up, skincare, beauty and everything else has been purchased by myself. If something has been very very kindly sent to me then I will mark it with a * so you know that it hasn't been purchased by me. Products that I have been sent will still be reviewed and given honest opinions for, I wouldn't say I liked something if I didn't actually like it. 
It's Me!!

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