Wednesday, July 31, 2013

July Favourites: Random Edition

Welcome to part 2 of my monthly favourites! This is all my non beauty or make up favourites and this month it is a country, a city, a TV show and a shop (sounds like a really bad film doesn't it? No? Just me!) So let's get started!

Beach in Tenerife
First up is Tenerife (yes I know, very random). I have recently just got back from holiday there and I had the most amazing time! I stayed in between Los Cristianos and Las Americas (both were lovely resorts) in a really nice apartment complex. I didn't do much except sit round the pool, sit at the beach and visit Zara! But it was lovely to just relax for the week. If you are going to Tenerife this summer I would suggest you visit the water park Siam Park I had an amazing day there and I think everyone must go, it is fantastic!! I did unfortunately lose a few of my acrylics throughout the day though so girls be careful.

Now on the TV show, putting a TV series into my monthly favourites appears to be becoming a staple and this month I have been loving another new find the Walking Dead. For those of you who haven't heard of it the show follows a group of people surviving in a post zombie apocalypse. I was a little unsure before I watched it but it is such a good show and I am totally obsessed. I also have a slight (massive) crush on the shows protagonist Rick so that makes watching it even more fun!! I'm half way through season 2 so I still have loads of episodes to watch before I've caught up with everyone. Basically I love it, if you haven't seen it I would really recommend it!! Plus who doesn't love zombies??

Sunbathing in Brighton
This time of year makes me realise how lucky I am to live in a seaside town and Brighton has been my absolute favourite place this month!  I have been loving going to pier and playing on the slot machines as well as taking strolls down the laines. If you have the chance to have a holiday in the UK this summer I think everyone should head down south to Brighton and spent time in this beautiful seaside town. Also Casa Della Pizza is just the best restaurant in the world (extreme but I love it there). 

Finally on to the shop and it is one I have ever mentioned before. I have a friend who honestly has the nicest clothes and whenever I ask her where they are from she says Monki. Now I had never ever heard of this shop before so after a quick Google I found their website and now I am completely hooked. Their clothes are stunning and also really reasonably priced. I think they only have one store in the UK and that is in London but Asos has just started stocking their clothes so if you are interested I will leave the link below for you guys to check out.

So that is all for my random favourites, hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading!!!

                                                                  L xxx

Monki's website: 
Asos Monki:

July Favourites: Beauty and Skincare Edition

I missed this section out on my monthly favourites last month but this month I had some favourites that I just couldn't not mention! I only have 3 products to talk about but each of these I have used almost every day throughout July!

So first up is a beauty bloggers staple but one which I have only recently got my hands on and it's Bioderma!! My parents recently went to France and I begged them to get me some because I just needed to try it. I know they have started selling it in the UK now but it is still much cheaper in Europe so they very nicely bought me not one but TWO 500ml bottles, so I'm set on make up remover for a while. If you haven't tried this stuff I urge you to go out and buy it, it takes even waterproof make up off easily without it feeling like you have been scrubbing at your eyes. It leaves your skin feeling lovely clean and refreshed, it is definitely worth the hype it has been given! I think at all of my products this is my ultimate July favourite. 

When it comes to fragrances I am very very picky and I rarely ever find one I adore. But this fragrance has done the near impossible and has become my favourite fragrance. This was a surprise obsession though as I bought the Body Shop Mango Mist as something to chuck in my bag to use when I'm out and about but I have ended up keeping it in my room as my everyday fragrance. I love mango (as I have probably mentioned a thousand times) so that's great about it, the smell also lasts for ages! The bottle is fairly big and I only bought it at the end of June but it almost empty so I'm sure I will be repurchasing it very very soon as I don't want to be without it.

So my final beauty favourite is Garnier Ambre Solaire After Sun. This big bottle of soothing power has been my saviour this month! Being a ginge isn't easy in this hot weather and needless to say I burn very very easily so this product I have had with me at all times. This after sun is so beautiful cooling and moisturising that I use it every day even if I haven't been in the sun a lot. It is great for reducing redness but it doesn't feel greasy or sticky like some other after suns can. My tip is to keep it in the fridge so it is extra cooling on your burnt skin!!

So that's it for my first part of my monthly favourites! My other two posts will be following very shortly. Hope you've enjoyed reading and thanks!!

                                                                            L xxx

P.S. What skincare and beauty products have you guys been loving this month??

Friday, July 12, 2013

MUA Lipstick Review

 From left to right: Shade 3, Shade 6, Shade 12 and Shade 13

 For some reason I seem to be very behind on trying out MUA products but the other day I went crazy in Superdrug and decided to buy loads of their products. I picked up the BB cream and some blushes and then I saw the lipsticks!! I am a complete lipstick junkie and when I saw they were only £1 I was just overwhelmed! I bought 4 of them, disappointingly only one of them has a name but I bought shade 3, shade 6 (nectar), shade 12 and shade 13.

 Shade 3 is a beautiful dark fuschia pink ( first one in the picture below). I have been wearing this loads since I got it and although it is really bright I think it looks great daytime or night. Next up is shade 6 or Nectar (second one in the picture below). Unfortunately when I purchased these there were no tester lipsticks so I couldn't swatch them before I bought so I was slightly worried about the colour of these. Luckily when I got home I swatched them all and was super happy. Shade 6 I particularly like because of the peachy coral colour with a summery orange tinge. This is a lot more orange than the other coral colours I own but I really love it! The third shade I picked up was shade 13, a super pigmented bright red (last one in the picture below). I have loads of red lipsticks but this one I just couldn't resist. It's beautiful, bright and also not too matte (which I sometimes find the problem with red lipsticks).

All of the three above have a really nice texture but they aren't that moisturising so I would advise  applying a balm beforehand as the lipstick can stick to dry or cracked lips. Also the colours are all super bright and pigmented but they don't have great staying power. If you eat or drink anything except to have to reapply straight after.

Now to talk about the final lipstick and my stand out favourite!! Shade 12 (third in the picture above) is a super glittery barbie pink colour which just looks amazing on the lips! This has a slightly different texture and feel on the lips to the others as it has a glitter effect to it. Now I'm normally not a massive fan of glittery lipsticks but I thought for such a cheap price it was worth trying one!

Overall I think that all these lipsticks are fab! Obviously they aren't the best lipsticks on the market but for the price they are great. I think these are great for trying out colours that you might normally be scared off. For £1 it isn't a massive deal if you don't end up using the product loads. Don't buy these expecting an amazing formulation but the colours are lovely and I think they are just such a good price. I'm so glad to have discovered them and I can't wait to go out and buy more!!!

Hope you enjoyed this little review, thanks for reading!!

                                                                    L xxx

P.S. My laptop is being an absolute pain at the moment so although I'm trying to blog everyday that may not end up happening!!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Battle of The Body Butters

This weekend is already looking like a scorcher and I for one have whacked out my pasty legs! So I thought this would be the perfect time to talk about body butters, we all use them, we all love them but which one is the best?? For me the battle for the best is between Soap and Glory's Righteous Butter, Nip and Fab's Mango Smoothie and Body Shop's Body Butter in Papaya. So let the battle commence!!

First up Righteous Butter this has the traditional soap and glory smell so it smells amazing on its own and smells even better when used with their other products. I really like the creamy texture of this and it rubs into your body so easily. It also doesn't leave your body feeling sticky which some body butters can do. This one does keep my body feeling moisturised for a long time but not all day. Although I love the soap and glory smell I do tend to prefer fruity smells during summer and I tend to find myself reaching for both the Nip and Fab and Body Shop ones more often. 

Onto the Mango Smoothie now, this has a very different texture to the others in that it is much more soft and smoothie like (as the name suggests) which I do really like. Mango is one of my favourite smells so I was really excited when I first got this but I do think this is slightly too sweet and sickly smelling. I think this is probably my least favourite smelling but I really like the texture and it leaves me feeling moisturised for ages. The smell also doesn't last as long as the others which is both good and bad.

And finally is the Papaya Body Butter. This is the one I have purchased most recently (you might have seen it in my body shop haul) but I already really like it. The smell is just perfect for me and it leaves me feeling moisturised for the longest out of all three. The texture of this is quite hard though and it sometimes takes quite a lot of effort to make sure the product is all rubbed in. I'm not really sure if it actually smells of Papaya as I don't know what that smells like but I like the fruitiness of the smell, perfect for summer. 

So the bit you have probably all been waiting for, the winner!!!! And I have to say it wasn't any easy decision, firstly I narrowed it down to between the Body Shop and Soap and Glory but after a long hard thought I decided my favourite was the Righteous Butter from Soap and Glory!!! Although it has it's fault I just find myself drawn to this one all year round and the smell is just magical!! 

Hopefully this has helped if anyone is looking to buy a body butter and if not maybe it has just inspired you to get moisturising!!! Hope you enjoyed reading and thanks

                                                               L xxx

Update and Some Information

Just thought I would do a little post to say that my blog is a work in progress, this isn't the finished thing and I want it to look better than it does! I'm sorry that the layout and background isn't great but I am working on it so lots of changes will be made in the coming days. I hope that you can look past the design and appearance and enjoy the content whilst I make it look a little prettier!

Thanks  L xxx

Friday, July 5, 2013

Summer Fashion Must Haves

As a heatwave is predicted this weekend I thought I would kick it off with a fashion version of my make up essentials. These are my picks of everything from the perfect summer dress to the coolest bags, so lets crack on:

A Shirt- Yellow Shirt from Topshop
Very hot days don't happen all that often here in the UK so for the average mildly sunny days of England a shirt like this is just perfect. I like to team it with a pair of shorts for a casual but cool look. This bright yellow may not be to everyones taste but I think it's really cool and fun! Topshop do also do this shirt in a light caramel colour so if you want some thing more neutral maybe check that out!

A Sun Dress- White Dress from Primark
On the occasional hot hot days there is nothing worse than feeling horrible and sweaty so for me the only thing to wear is a cute floaty dress. This one from Primark is pretty simple but I think the bow detailing on the back adds something fun and different to the dress. It's also super easy for you to dress it up with accessories for a more night time look.

Midi Skirt- Floral Print from River Island
This summer midi's are so on trend, and I am very much on the midi bandwagon!! I am loving anything midi, and when I saw this skirt was in the sale I was a very happy lady. It's cute, floral and so light weight that it keeps you nice and cool. I think this skirt would look great on any shape and size, so I suggest you all head down to River Island before its gone!

Shoes/Sandals- Cut Out Pumps from Primark
I love flip flops and if I could I would wear them all year long but I know that is just not at all practical. But sadly my favourite flip flops recently broke so I decided to broaden my shoe horizons and get some new shoes. I have been wearing this cute tan pumps since May and I have really taken to them. They go with so many outfits and are super comfy, but I have had bad experiences with Primark shoes so I doubt they will last longer than this summer. But until they die I shall enjoy every minute wearing them.

                                                                       Denim Shorts- Levi's from Urban Outfitters
I have never really been a massive fan of shorts but in May I decided I wanted a pair for this summer. I asked loads of friends and almost all of them suggested the Levi shorts from Urban Outfitters. I have them in medium and they are a great fit, but every pair is different so it is worth trying on a few so you can find the one perfect for you. My normal problem with denim shorts is that they can be quite tight, so it is easy to get hot in summer but you won't have that problem with these. They are great!

Handbag- Neon Yellow from Zara (pictured with white dress)
So my second yellow item of the post and also my favourite handbag at the moment! This bag is just amazing for summer!! The size is perfect and although it looks small it is big enough for you to carry all the essentials (and also probably a few unessentials!) The bright yellow colour is just perfect for jazzing up any plain outfit. I think all of Zara's bags are amazing and I would really recommend any of them!! Also I think this bag might come in different colours, so if you aren't loving yellow but like the shape have a look for other colours!

Jewellery/Accessories- Daisy Bracelet from Topshop and Daisy Headband from Primark
Firstly I think I may be obsessed with daisies! During summer I normally get really lazy accessories wise and tend to just stick to earrings. But this summer I have found some of the cutest stuff. I love this little daisy headband it just makes any outfit really cute. As for the bracelet, the flowers are really pretty and summery but I think the spikes/studs add a really cool edgy effect. Both items I shall be wearing so so much in the coming months!

So those are my fashion picks for this season. I hope you enjoyed reading and thanks!!

                                                                        L xxx

Thursday, July 4, 2013

My Week In Photos #1

My favourite ever sweet, treated myself to some this week as a little treat on a long car journey!!

It was one of my best friends birthday this week, and me and some of my friends made this glorious looking cake! Red Velvet with vanilla frosting, unfortunately it didn't taste as good as it looks!!

I moved into my new house in Brighton last weekend and while I was there I had frozen yoghurt for the first time, I love it so much. So so tasty!

I mentioned my new obsession with Ikea in my monthly favourites and this is just a little photo of some of the food treats we got!!

I hope you enjoyed looking at just a snippet of my week, I'm so for the quality of photos! Enjoy reading and thanks for stopping by!

                                                                         L xxx

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Samples, Samples, Samples

Now as you may have guessed from the title, this post is all about samples! I'm going to talk about how and where to get them and also some of my top tips. I would like to firstly say that I am not being paid or sponsored or anything to talk about any of the websites or brands mention, this is just what I honestly think and have to say. So lets start.

Firstly where. You can get samples from so many places but where to look depends on what samples you want. is a website I use to get many different samples.  I use latest in beauty all the time and have received some great products from there. Their website is split into 3 sections, little beauty box, luxury samples and lib collections.

Little Beauty Box
This is the first section of their website that I started using. Little beauty box lets you pick three different samples, this could be skincare, hair products or make up. These then get sent  to you for only £1.50!! Yeah that's right, 3 samples for that price!! The samples on this section change all the time so you can order them as frequently as you like. These are packet and sachet samples so don't expect loads of product.

Luxury Samples
These samples are bigger than just a sachet so you can use them for longer and get more of an idea of what the product is like before you decide to purchase (or not). Because of this, these samples are more expensive normally around £4 to £7. Again you can get anything from haircare to skincare to make up. I think this section is great for if you want to try out a product for a couple of weeks. Only negative of this is that postage costs £3.95 so it is worth ordering a few products rather than just one.

LIB Collections
The Glamour box I got, gives you an idea
of how many products you get.
Now this is my favourite favourite section. In this section a little boxex of samples get put together by the lovely people at latest in beauty and then you can order the box of goodies. The most recent one I order was the Glamour box, this cost me £14.95 but everything in their was worth about £65! This was one of the best boxes I have got and included some great products, I especially loved the Stila lipgloss. I'm not sure if this box is still available but if it is then I really suggest you treat yourselves. If not there are loads of other great collections to pick from!!

So now I'm going to talk about my favourite type of samples, free ones!!!!!! Now I have found most of these websites just by doing your standard google search so if you guys get samples from websites that I haven't mentioned please let me know!! So here is a list of my fav ones:

This site isn't just beauty samples, it has so so so much free stuff so if you are just looking for beauty click the free health and beauty link on the left hand side.

Now I have to say this website looks crap but don't be put off by that because I have found some great things on the site.

To find the free samples on this site you need to go to the money saver section and then freebies. This site is update monthly I think with a list of samples you can get.

So they are the sites I use so go check those out and hopefully you guys can find some fun free stuff as well! So to finish off I thought I would just give you some tips:

  • All packet samples are quite small and normally have about one use in them so don't expect a huge amount of product
  • Remember to declick any buttons about being contacted again as promotion emails all the time can get annoying
  • Most websites don't tell you this but most samples take about 28 days to arrive so don't worry if it has been a week and it hasn't arrived.
I think that is it for now but I hope you enjoyed reading and I hope I helped you find some free goodies. If any of you have any tips or anything please let me know! Thanks

                                                                      L xxx

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

June Favourites: Make Up Edition

So here we go with part 2 of my monthly favourites, and this time it is my make up favourites!! So let's crack on with this list:

MUA Pro-Brow Ultimate Eyebrow Kit- £3.50 from Superdrug
I got this little beauty a couple of months back and I have been really impressed by it. For £3.50 I wasn't expecting great things but I was really pleasantly surprised. It comes with 2 colours a dark brown and then a more taupey brown colour. For me the lighter taupe colour is but I do occasionally use the darker colour on the ends of my brows where they are a bit lighter or if I want a more dramatic look. The kit also comes with a highlighter and a gel to set your brows and also some really cute mini tweezers. It's cheap and such a good quality and I know friends who have used this and it has lasted them ages.

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush-£8.99 from Superdrug 
Now this is the first real techniques brush I ever bought and I have to say it got me completely hooked. I use it mostly for putting on foundation and BB creams but as all of the brushes are multi purpose I use it for loads of other things as well. It is great for blending concealer, especially around the nose and under the eyes but it is also amazing for applying cream blushes. I think real technique brushes are just the best brushes and I would recommend everyone invest in them! Only today I convinced my friend to buy the starter kit and she loves them already.

Revlon Colourburst Lip Butter in Juicy Papaya-£7.99 from Boots
For some reason I use to really have a problem with Revlon but over the last couple of months I have been visiting their stand more and they actually have some fab products. Not only does this lip butter have great colour pay off but it leaves the lips feeling hydrated for ages. The smell is also so fresh and lovely and the colour is just perfect for summer. Been wearing it loads this month! 

L'oreal Intenza Eyeliner in 02 Golden Black- £9.99 from Boots
For ages and ages I was not a fan of eyeliner, simply because I was completely rubbish at applying it! But a couple of months ago I decided that I need to just get an eyeliner and try and make it work. Now I can just about apply eyeliner without it looking like a child has drawn all over my eyelid (progress). This gel eyeliner is such a pretty colour, it's black but has flicks of gold throughout which creates a really pretty effect on your eye. But the thing I love about this product the most is the brush. It is very rare to find a product that actually comes with a half decent brush so when I started using this one I was blown away!! This gel eyeliner is the best I have and it has become my favourite one to use when I'm going on a night out. 

Rimmel Lasting Finish Blush in Santa Rose- £3.99 from Superdrug
Now if you have read any of my previous posts you will know that I will literally buy any shade of make up if I like the name (I know I know it's bad) and this is blush is an example of this! I bought this back in December and I have loved it ever since, I lost it a couple of months ago and I was so so upset but finding it again made me love it even more. It's a beautiful corally bronze colour which makes your skin just glow. I would go as far as to say this is my all time favourite blush!! ( I know big claim). While on the topic of blushes I shall move on to my other favourite blush which is the Revlon Photo Ready Cream Blush in Pinched, I'm not going to talk about this one too much as i did a mini review in my summer essentials so if you want to hear about this go check that out (

Autograph Ultra Shine Twist-Up Lip Colour in Rose Shine- £9.50 from Marks and Spencer
So my final favourite I actual forgot to include in the picture, but it is this lip colour. The packaging of this is very similar to the Revlon Lip Balm Stains and it is also very similar in formulation to those. For me what makes this stand out though is the colour and the smell. The colour is just a lovely rosey pink which I am just completely obsessed with, I could wear it all day everyday for the rest of my life and still love it I think! Also the smell is amazing I want to lick it everytime I apply it!!

So that is it for my June monthly favourites. I did say I would do a skincare edition but instead of that I am going to do a current skincare routine next week !! Hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading.

                                                                     L xxx