Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Samples, Samples, Samples

Now as you may have guessed from the title, this post is all about samples! I'm going to talk about how and where to get them and also some of my top tips. I would like to firstly say that I am not being paid or sponsored or anything to talk about any of the websites or brands mention, this is just what I honestly think and have to say. So lets start.

Firstly where. You can get samples from so many places but where to look depends on what samples you want. is a website I use to get many different samples.  I use latest in beauty all the time and have received some great products from there. Their website is split into 3 sections, little beauty box, luxury samples and lib collections.

Little Beauty Box
This is the first section of their website that I started using. Little beauty box lets you pick three different samples, this could be skincare, hair products or make up. These then get sent  to you for only £1.50!! Yeah that's right, 3 samples for that price!! The samples on this section change all the time so you can order them as frequently as you like. These are packet and sachet samples so don't expect loads of product.

Luxury Samples
These samples are bigger than just a sachet so you can use them for longer and get more of an idea of what the product is like before you decide to purchase (or not). Because of this, these samples are more expensive normally around £4 to £7. Again you can get anything from haircare to skincare to make up. I think this section is great for if you want to try out a product for a couple of weeks. Only negative of this is that postage costs £3.95 so it is worth ordering a few products rather than just one.

LIB Collections
The Glamour box I got, gives you an idea
of how many products you get.
Now this is my favourite favourite section. In this section a little boxex of samples get put together by the lovely people at latest in beauty and then you can order the box of goodies. The most recent one I order was the Glamour box, this cost me £14.95 but everything in their was worth about £65! This was one of the best boxes I have got and included some great products, I especially loved the Stila lipgloss. I'm not sure if this box is still available but if it is then I really suggest you treat yourselves. If not there are loads of other great collections to pick from!!

So now I'm going to talk about my favourite type of samples, free ones!!!!!! Now I have found most of these websites just by doing your standard google search so if you guys get samples from websites that I haven't mentioned please let me know!! So here is a list of my fav ones:

This site isn't just beauty samples, it has so so so much free stuff so if you are just looking for beauty click the free health and beauty link on the left hand side.

Now I have to say this website looks crap but don't be put off by that because I have found some great things on the site.

To find the free samples on this site you need to go to the money saver section and then freebies. This site is update monthly I think with a list of samples you can get.

So they are the sites I use so go check those out and hopefully you guys can find some fun free stuff as well! So to finish off I thought I would just give you some tips:

  • All packet samples are quite small and normally have about one use in them so don't expect a huge amount of product
  • Remember to declick any buttons about being contacted again as promotion emails all the time can get annoying
  • Most websites don't tell you this but most samples take about 28 days to arrive so don't worry if it has been a week and it hasn't arrived.
I think that is it for now but I hope you enjoyed reading and I hope I helped you find some free goodies. If any of you have any tips or anything please let me know! Thanks

                                                                      L xxx

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