Friday, July 12, 2013

MUA Lipstick Review

 From left to right: Shade 3, Shade 6, Shade 12 and Shade 13

 For some reason I seem to be very behind on trying out MUA products but the other day I went crazy in Superdrug and decided to buy loads of their products. I picked up the BB cream and some blushes and then I saw the lipsticks!! I am a complete lipstick junkie and when I saw they were only £1 I was just overwhelmed! I bought 4 of them, disappointingly only one of them has a name but I bought shade 3, shade 6 (nectar), shade 12 and shade 13.

 Shade 3 is a beautiful dark fuschia pink ( first one in the picture below). I have been wearing this loads since I got it and although it is really bright I think it looks great daytime or night. Next up is shade 6 or Nectar (second one in the picture below). Unfortunately when I purchased these there were no tester lipsticks so I couldn't swatch them before I bought so I was slightly worried about the colour of these. Luckily when I got home I swatched them all and was super happy. Shade 6 I particularly like because of the peachy coral colour with a summery orange tinge. This is a lot more orange than the other coral colours I own but I really love it! The third shade I picked up was shade 13, a super pigmented bright red (last one in the picture below). I have loads of red lipsticks but this one I just couldn't resist. It's beautiful, bright and also not too matte (which I sometimes find the problem with red lipsticks).

All of the three above have a really nice texture but they aren't that moisturising so I would advise  applying a balm beforehand as the lipstick can stick to dry or cracked lips. Also the colours are all super bright and pigmented but they don't have great staying power. If you eat or drink anything except to have to reapply straight after.

Now to talk about the final lipstick and my stand out favourite!! Shade 12 (third in the picture above) is a super glittery barbie pink colour which just looks amazing on the lips! This has a slightly different texture and feel on the lips to the others as it has a glitter effect to it. Now I'm normally not a massive fan of glittery lipsticks but I thought for such a cheap price it was worth trying one!

Overall I think that all these lipsticks are fab! Obviously they aren't the best lipsticks on the market but for the price they are great. I think these are great for trying out colours that you might normally be scared off. For £1 it isn't a massive deal if you don't end up using the product loads. Don't buy these expecting an amazing formulation but the colours are lovely and I think they are just such a good price. I'm so glad to have discovered them and I can't wait to go out and buy more!!!

Hope you enjoyed this little review, thanks for reading!!

                                                                    L xxx

P.S. My laptop is being an absolute pain at the moment so although I'm trying to blog everyday that may not end up happening!!

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