Friday, July 5, 2013

Summer Fashion Must Haves

As a heatwave is predicted this weekend I thought I would kick it off with a fashion version of my make up essentials. These are my picks of everything from the perfect summer dress to the coolest bags, so lets crack on:

A Shirt- Yellow Shirt from Topshop
Very hot days don't happen all that often here in the UK so for the average mildly sunny days of England a shirt like this is just perfect. I like to team it with a pair of shorts for a casual but cool look. This bright yellow may not be to everyones taste but I think it's really cool and fun! Topshop do also do this shirt in a light caramel colour so if you want some thing more neutral maybe check that out!

A Sun Dress- White Dress from Primark
On the occasional hot hot days there is nothing worse than feeling horrible and sweaty so for me the only thing to wear is a cute floaty dress. This one from Primark is pretty simple but I think the bow detailing on the back adds something fun and different to the dress. It's also super easy for you to dress it up with accessories for a more night time look.

Midi Skirt- Floral Print from River Island
This summer midi's are so on trend, and I am very much on the midi bandwagon!! I am loving anything midi, and when I saw this skirt was in the sale I was a very happy lady. It's cute, floral and so light weight that it keeps you nice and cool. I think this skirt would look great on any shape and size, so I suggest you all head down to River Island before its gone!

Shoes/Sandals- Cut Out Pumps from Primark
I love flip flops and if I could I would wear them all year long but I know that is just not at all practical. But sadly my favourite flip flops recently broke so I decided to broaden my shoe horizons and get some new shoes. I have been wearing this cute tan pumps since May and I have really taken to them. They go with so many outfits and are super comfy, but I have had bad experiences with Primark shoes so I doubt they will last longer than this summer. But until they die I shall enjoy every minute wearing them.

                                                                       Denim Shorts- Levi's from Urban Outfitters
I have never really been a massive fan of shorts but in May I decided I wanted a pair for this summer. I asked loads of friends and almost all of them suggested the Levi shorts from Urban Outfitters. I have them in medium and they are a great fit, but every pair is different so it is worth trying on a few so you can find the one perfect for you. My normal problem with denim shorts is that they can be quite tight, so it is easy to get hot in summer but you won't have that problem with these. They are great!

Handbag- Neon Yellow from Zara (pictured with white dress)
So my second yellow item of the post and also my favourite handbag at the moment! This bag is just amazing for summer!! The size is perfect and although it looks small it is big enough for you to carry all the essentials (and also probably a few unessentials!) The bright yellow colour is just perfect for jazzing up any plain outfit. I think all of Zara's bags are amazing and I would really recommend any of them!! Also I think this bag might come in different colours, so if you aren't loving yellow but like the shape have a look for other colours!

Jewellery/Accessories- Daisy Bracelet from Topshop and Daisy Headband from Primark
Firstly I think I may be obsessed with daisies! During summer I normally get really lazy accessories wise and tend to just stick to earrings. But this summer I have found some of the cutest stuff. I love this little daisy headband it just makes any outfit really cute. As for the bracelet, the flowers are really pretty and summery but I think the spikes/studs add a really cool edgy effect. Both items I shall be wearing so so much in the coming months!

So those are my fashion picks for this season. I hope you enjoyed reading and thanks!!

                                                                        L xxx

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