Saturday, July 6, 2013

Battle of The Body Butters

This weekend is already looking like a scorcher and I for one have whacked out my pasty legs! So I thought this would be the perfect time to talk about body butters, we all use them, we all love them but which one is the best?? For me the battle for the best is between Soap and Glory's Righteous Butter, Nip and Fab's Mango Smoothie and Body Shop's Body Butter in Papaya. So let the battle commence!!

First up Righteous Butter this has the traditional soap and glory smell so it smells amazing on its own and smells even better when used with their other products. I really like the creamy texture of this and it rubs into your body so easily. It also doesn't leave your body feeling sticky which some body butters can do. This one does keep my body feeling moisturised for a long time but not all day. Although I love the soap and glory smell I do tend to prefer fruity smells during summer and I tend to find myself reaching for both the Nip and Fab and Body Shop ones more often. 

Onto the Mango Smoothie now, this has a very different texture to the others in that it is much more soft and smoothie like (as the name suggests) which I do really like. Mango is one of my favourite smells so I was really excited when I first got this but I do think this is slightly too sweet and sickly smelling. I think this is probably my least favourite smelling but I really like the texture and it leaves me feeling moisturised for ages. The smell also doesn't last as long as the others which is both good and bad.

And finally is the Papaya Body Butter. This is the one I have purchased most recently (you might have seen it in my body shop haul) but I already really like it. The smell is just perfect for me and it leaves me feeling moisturised for the longest out of all three. The texture of this is quite hard though and it sometimes takes quite a lot of effort to make sure the product is all rubbed in. I'm not really sure if it actually smells of Papaya as I don't know what that smells like but I like the fruitiness of the smell, perfect for summer. 

So the bit you have probably all been waiting for, the winner!!!! And I have to say it wasn't any easy decision, firstly I narrowed it down to between the Body Shop and Soap and Glory but after a long hard thought I decided my favourite was the Righteous Butter from Soap and Glory!!! Although it has it's fault I just find myself drawn to this one all year round and the smell is just magical!! 

Hopefully this has helped if anyone is looking to buy a body butter and if not maybe it has just inspired you to get moisturising!!! Hope you enjoyed reading and thanks

                                                               L xxx

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