Monday, May 12, 2014

My Room Mini Tour

Living in a student house can be really hard. You are only there for a couple of years and there isn't much about the decor and design of the house you can change so it can be difficult to make it your own but finally after living here since September I have managed to get my room organised and pretty so I thought I would give you a little look around.

All the walls in my bedroom are a creamy beige colour which although is boring it is nice and neutral so I don't have to match it with duvuet covers or anything. This room is much bigger than my room at home but somehow I have managed to fill this room with so much stuff, I can't imagine living in a smaller room now!! The pictures below are going to be of my favourite bits and hope you enjoy have a snoop around.

This cute little heart from Primark I bought a couple of months ago and I think it just adorable. I have hung it on my door just because I didn't really have anywhere else to put it but I think it looks really cute there. I really like the colour of it, it is a lovely neutral grey colour so would look amazing against so many different colours!

Moving onto my bed area, the duvuet covers I have on the bed most of the time are from Ikea and are just a pretty blue with pink flowers, as my room is quite plain I think it is just a pretty pop of colour to brighten it up. I only started using these covers again in April because I think they are very summery so have given my room a spring/summer vibe!! The fairy lights above my bed are both for decoration and practical use, I don't have a lamp in my room so the fairy lights I use for dimmed atmospheric lighting!! These are from Ikea as well and the pretty blue floral cushion is from Dunelm Mill.

Moving over to my shelves, now I will admit the top shelf is a complete mess!! This is where I just dump all the things that don't have a space anywhere else! I am sure that at some point I may get around to sorting it, but that will be no time soon. The bottom shelf however is a bit of an organised chaos. On the left I keep all my nail varnishes, I did use to keep them in a box (which will feature later) but my growing make up collection meant they were pushed to the shelf. Further along is all my jewellery. I try to keep them in 2 paisley print dishes I bought in a charity shop but as I buy more they have just spilled out onto the shelf! I am looking for some new storage ideas if anyone has any good ones?? Finally is just a random collection of bits and bobs, the flowers and vase are both from Ikea as is the lantern on the end. And the LOVE sign is from Dunelm Mill.

Now make up storage time! As you may have been able to tell I am not the most organised person in the world but when it comes to make up I am fairly on top of it. The clear storage on the left looks like Muji but is actually from Rymans and that is where all my lipsticks, lipglosses and lipliners live, (as well as in the bottom of my bag!). The drawers in the middle I got from Asda and that is where the majority of things live, foundation, mascaras, blushers, bronzers and more all have their place in one of the drawers. Finally is this cute maquillage box that my Mum got me for Christmas, this is where I keep all my palettes! If at any point you would like a more detailed look at my collection let me know!

And finally my little treat to myself, flowers. I don't have flowers all the time but whenever I remember I try to get some, I took these photos after Easter and these are tulips which are think are very Easter themed. Flowers just brighten up the room and also smell lovely!! The vase was an Christmas present so I am not sure where it is from but I think John Lewis and the little wax burner next to it is from Yankee Candle, and the tart I am currently burning is called Lake Sunset. I really like the smell of it but I also think the colour of the wax is really nice!

So that was just a brief look into my uni bedroom, if you are at uni maybe this has given you some inspiration and if not maybe you just like being nosey like I do. Make sure to come back soon to see a fairly large MAC haul! I finish second year on Thursday so expect a lot more posts in the coming months! Hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading,

                                                                                Laura xx

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