Monday, September 8, 2014

A Little Late August Favourites

As usual I am a little unorganised so this post is a week or so late but alas we are here and these are my favourite products from August (and also maybe July because I can't remember if I did a July favourites!!) 

First up is a very recent purchase because I literally only bought it at the very end of August and it is this Primark Cleansing Sponge Thing (I unforunately don't know the proper name!). On my latest trip into Primark I noticed that the beauty section had had a massive expansion and there was loads of fun new stuff there that I was very eager to try out. I picked up a gel eye mask and also a grater for my disgusting feet, sorry for the TMI, but this was the most exciting thing I picked up. This is basically a little rubber disk with tiny little rubber bristles on. I have been using this every single morning and night with my cleanser and I love it! My skin has been a little problematic recently but I really feel like this is helping it get back to its good old self, and for only £1.50 it is such a bargain!

Now my second favourite is actually a purchase from way back last year but one I seem to have rediscovered recently. My skin was been on the oilier side recently so I have been desperately rummaging in my foundation drawer for an oil free foundation and this one has really stepped up to the job. The Collection Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Foundation isn't one that is talked about a lot and is often outshined by its concealer friend but I think it really deserves its time in the limelight! This stuff stays on your skin for ages and provides really good coverage but without feeling super heavy on your skin. This foundation doesn't have any amazing colour range and the one I have is little too dark to for me but mixed in with a little bit of a light colour and it is spot on!!

Hold up everyone I have another eyeliner in my monthly favourites, what the hell is happening!! This Lord and Berry SMUDGEPROOF Waterproof Eye Liner in #719 Smoke* was very kindly sent to me but I have to admit at first I wasn't that excited! I am not a massive eyeliner girl but this ones seems to have helped converted me! Firstly I think the colour is really beautiful and is a really nice change from black or brown. I mostly smoke this out and use it under my bottom lashes but recently I have been using it on my eyelids when I'm doing a smokey eye for a little added depth. This is the first thing I have tried from Lord and Berry but if the rest of their stuff is as good as this I will definitely be giving some more of their stuff a go. 

Last up is a product that I never actually thought I would love. When MAC release their limited edition collections I can't help myself and I end up buying almost everything from the collection and that is why this MAC Kelly Osbourne Powder Blusher in Cheeky Bugger  was purchased. Don't get me wrong I never hated this product but I just thought it was something that would never wow me but wow was I wrong! This is actually just the most perfect blusher, the subtle pink colour really works with my complexion and just compliments my bronzer and highlighter really nicely. Most days I have found myself leaning for this and I can't see that changing. 

I feel like I have been typing for ages, my little fingers are exhausted!! But there you have it all my favourites from the last month. What have you been loving this month? I will be back on Wednesday for a look at a cheeky new MAC purchase, make sure to follow me on Bloglovin so you don't miss that post. Hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading, 

Laura xxx

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