Thursday, September 4, 2014

Rimmel Wonder'Full Argan Oil Mascara Review

For ages my spending ban was going pretty good but now I am completely off the bandwagon, and I am going to be honest, it feels great! Couple of weeks ago I went so crazy in Boots and ended up picking out loads of new releases. Out of all of the ones I have been testing out I think this may be my favourite. 

I really like the packaging of this, I think it looks super sleek and more expensive than the £6 I paid. The tube itself is quite big so I reckon there is a pretty good amount of product in there. The wand itself is pretty big as well which is a big plus for me. 

The mascara claims to be 'Clump Free and Defining'. I would say this statement is pretty accurate. This leaves my lashes looking really nice and separated without a clump in sight! I have tried using this on my bottom lashes but the brush is just too big and doesn't leave my bottom lashes with the desired effect, which was a little disappointing but I rarely ever use anything other than my Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara for them anyway.

Now already I think this is a pretty good drugstore mascara, rivalling my favourite, the Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara. But this mascara is special, it has Argan Oil in it. Everyone is obsessed with this oil at the moment and I can tell why. I have to admit I was quite dubious about whether this having Argan Oil in would actually do anything for my lashes, but I would argue it does. This feels much more lightweight than standard mascaras and also seems to be making my lashes grow quicker!

So overall I am loving this mascara, and can you really blame me, it is fab! I have been quite absent from my blog over the last couple of weeks but I am back on it now so make sure you follow me on Bloglovin so you don't miss any of my posts! Hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading, 

Laura xxx 

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  1. I am sure this is the first of many oil enriched mascaras. I always mean to put oil on my lashes at night but never do so this seems as easy way to do it!

    Amy at Amy & More