Monday, October 21, 2013

Current Favourite Lipsticks #1

When it comes to make up, the thing I find myself always wanting to buying is lipsticks. Matte, Sheer, Glossy, Pink, Red or Purple I love them all and that is why I am dedicating this whole post to lipsticks, and more specifically my current favourites. None of these are overally new but are just all ones that I have found myself reaching for the most over the last couple of weeks. Seen as we are talking about my favourite thing we better get started because I feel like this could be quite long!!

As You Want Victoria- Rimmel Moisture Renew
This was featured only last week in a mini haul but it has already become a firm favourite in my make up bag. This is one of the moisture renew lipsticks and you can actually really feel the difference on your lips, even when first applying it feels so balmy and hydrating on the lips. I think from the picture you can see how balmy and nice the lipstick looks and it looks even better on the lips. I think the raspberry red colour is perfect for this colder time of year and I love it for both daytime and nightime, basically a favourite all the time!! 

Stylish- Rimmel
This is a very non me colour, it has browny undertones which I normally shy away from but I thought I would be daring and try something a little new. I probably wear this one the least out of all of them but when I do wear it I love love love it!! This is a very neutral shade and I think it would look really nice on a lot of people, especially people with darker skin tones. The slight shimmer in it also makes the colour really pretty and that extra bit special!

Starry Eyed- Rimmel
I discovered this back in April when I borrowed it from a friend and immediately after giving it back I was in Boots buying my own. I wore this very rarely summer but now I have got it back out of the collection reading for autumn. This is a gorgeous purple berry colour which is just perfect for night time and going out. This goes on the lips quite a lot darker than it swatches so bear that in mind if you want this one!!

Heartbreaker- Sleek Matte
The only matte lipstick in my top 5 but very much a firm favourite. I think matte lipsticks are so beautiful and can look great on the lips if you keep them hydrated and reapply the lipstick regularly. This pinky red is just the most perfect colour in my opinion, I only bought it a few months ago and I have already used it countless times. If I don't fancy wearing this matte I put a gloss over the top for lovely glossy lips.

Chatterbox- Mac
This is by far my favourite lipstick, and not just now but of all time! I love this so so much and I have already got through a whole stick of this stuff which rarely ever happens! The colour is stunning, the application is amazing and the lasting power is great as well. I literally don't have enough good things to say about this. If you can only afford one Mac lipstick this is the one you should choose!!

Ok so that is enough of me chatting about my lipstick! The lipsticks I love change almost weekly so I think I will do a current favourites lipstick post quite regularly as I had a lot of fun writing this one! I did try and take pictures of these on the lips but I just couldn't get the right lighting! Hopefully next time I will be able to get some though, sorry.  Hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading!!

                                                                     L xxx

P.S- Tomorrow is a mini haul turned into a massive fail! If you are intrigued about how I failed at shopping come back tomorrow!!


  1. I love the look of Chatterbox and will definitely need to go and try it - it's a lovely vibrant shade, nice as a change from all the berry shades at the moment :o). Xx

  2. Chatterbox by Mac is one of my favourites too! I also lovelorn from MAC!

    1. i haven't seen lovelorn but will check it out!

  3. I am also loving the rimmel moisture renew lispticks at the moment. I have got the shade lets get naked which is a really nice nude. Its become my go to lipstick during the week!!
    Great post!!!

    1. I have heard that lets get naked is a lovely shade, can't wait to try it! L xx

  4. Chatterbox and Heartbreaker are so pretty! I'll definitely need to try chatterbox. Great post, I just followed you!