Sunday, October 27, 2013

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

When I first heard about this sponge being released I have to admit I was very excited and even set a reminder on my phone so that I could go out and buy it the day it was released. But as the hype got more and people started reviewing it for some reason my interest in this sponge just dwindled and I went on to lust over other beauty products. The other week though I was enjoying one of my many Boots shopping trips when I noticed I had collected quite a few points on my card and decided to spend some of them on a Real Techniques brush. I was initially thinking of getting the Powder Brush but when I saw this on the display my excitement return and before I knew it I was back home playing around with this thing!!

Firstly this is substantially cheaper than I was expecting it to be. Real Techniques are by no means expensive but this is only £5.99 which is a good 5 quid cheaper than anything else in the line. I already own a very cheap 99p ebay beauty sponge  that I really enjoy so I knew that this sponge was going to work on my skin but I what I really wanted to know was how it compares to my already loved sponge. I'm going to warn you know if you want to know any criticisms or let downs of this sponge you are reading the wrong post!!

1. I love how many different uses this sponge has. Obviously it applies foundation beautifully but it is also great for blending concealer, applying cream blushers or blending out harsh contouring.

2. The way your foundation looks after applying this is beautiful. Using a sponge helps create the most flawless looking foundation ever and the finish is just outstanding.

3. I have used this both dry, straight out the packet and also damp. When you use this dry it applies foundation great but dampening the sponge just makes it that little bit more soft and springy which just makes your foundation look even better!!

4. The flat surface side is the best invention ever (ok that is extreme). This edge makes it perfect for blending under your eye and just makes general application even easier.

My only slight criticism is that it is so hard to clean this sponge. Even when you have cleaned it, it still looks dirty. I am very prone to break outs so hopefully this won't cause me to break out!

As you have probably gathered from this I am a big fan of this sponge and as far as I am concerned it is incomparable to its rivals (sorry 99p ebay sponge). I think this is so cheap and is worth much more than £5.99 in my opinion so I would thoroughly recommend this!! Hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading,

                                                                              L xxx


  1. That sponge looks great! And it seems a lot more affordable than the beauty blender option

    The Koalafornian x

  2. I really want to try this, especially as it's so affordable! I was also thinking of getting the powder brush but maybe I'll try this first.

    Hannah x

  3. very nice :)

  4. I've heard great things about these, but personally just have a thing about sponges - not for me I'm afraid. I've tagged you for the Skin care TAG, hope you'll join in :O). Xx