Tuesday, October 29, 2013

My Recent Autumn Purchases

As usual I have been doing some shopping but for once I have stepped away from Boots and ventured into some other shops! So this post is just going to be a fairly random selection of clothes, accessories and candles that I have purchased recently! Also sorry this is late, the storm caused me to be stuck in Southampton for a little longer than expected which was lovely but meant I had no camera or anything!!

First up candles, and I got 2 candles from Village Candle's, Spiced Pumpkin and Brownie Delight. They were on offer in a shop called Cargo and couldn't resist buying them. My personal favourite is Spiced Pumpkin, it is literally the best thing I have ever smelt! The smell just reminds me of Christmas and I love that. I have been burning this one almost every night and the smell still lingers well into the next day. I have probably burnt this about 10-12 times and it still hasn't gone down too much which is great. Brownie Delight I bought because my boyfriend said he really liked the smell so I mostly only burn it when he is around but I do really like it. This candle is very very sweet and it does really smell like a fresh brownie out of the oven. If you like super sweet sickly smells then this is definitely for you. As you can probably tell from the photos these candles have obviously taken inspirations from Yankee Candles but I have actually heard that these are just as good, or even better as they have a stronger smell and burn more evenly (as they are double wicked). 

My favourite combo, tartan and fluffy

Next up is a few bits and pieces from Primark. I think autumn/winter fashion is what Primark do best and as trends change so frequently I love getting my winter essentials from here. One of my favourite things I have got recently is this super cute and comfy Fluffy Cream Jumper. I bought this in a size 16 as I really want to wear it oversized with fun wintery leggings and also over dresses but I think this would also look lovely fitted with jeans or skirts. Fluffy jumpers seem to be all over the place this season and I do really like the ones from Primark because they feel good quality but are really reasonably priced. 

Aside from fluffy jumpers a big trend I am completely loving is tartan! I placed an online Topshop order about 3 weeks ago now and ordered 2 pairs of their Tartan Leggings, one in monochrome and the other black and red. I vowed to myself to only keep the pair I liked the most but when they arrived I loved them both so I decided to keep them both. I think these leggings are really good quality (they feel like they will keep you warmer in the colder months to come) and also look great for so many ocassions. I wear them when I'm just slouching around the house but they are also perfect for dressing up with black boots and a fun top for a night out. 

Finally is this super cool Chain Cross Necklace that I also got in my Topshop order. I think this little piece was in the sale so was really reasonably priced. Ordering jewellery online can be hard as the photo doesn't always show how big or small it really is, so when I ordered this I did expect it to be slightly smaller and also not as 3D as it (I was quite hungover when I placed this order so that could have something to do with the misremembering of items). I'm glad the necklace does look how it does though because I actually really like it. I have been wearing it with just a simple black dress and also over jumpers to make them look slightly more dressy. This necklace is fast becoming one of my favourite accessories. 

So that is all for my little autumn related post. I wasn't sure what to title this because it is sort of just a random collection of things I love for autumn so I was at a little bit of a loss. What are you guys currently loving this season? And what do you think of A/W 13 trends? Hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading,

                                                                           Laura xxx

P.S- Tomorrows post is going to be a tag which I was tagged in yesterday!! 

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  1. love the tartan print of your leggings! :*