Monday, August 11, 2014

What I Got With My Boots Points

I've had about £25 sitting on my Boots Advantage Card for months now and after much umming and ahhing (is that how you spell it?) I finally decided on the Real Techniques Eye Starter Set . I love the Real Techniques brushes but have never tried any of the eye brushes so I thought I would get this and give them all a good try, so here is what the set consists of,

Base Shadow Brush
So this has to be one of my favourite Real Techniques brushes ever! This is the perfect brush for just blending eye shadow. This is lovely and fluffy but at the same time it is stable enough that you can really get in there and properly blend.

Deluxe Crease Brush
What I love about Real Techniques brushes the most is that you can use them for so many different things! I haven't even gone anyway near my eyes with this little brush I have just used it for concealer. The shape of the brush means that it is perfect for getting under the eyes and also blending concealer around my nose and various other places!

Brow Brush
Up until now I have been using a little brow brush from Topshop which has been good but tends to be a little too flimsy. This brush is lovely and firm, the angle of it is perfect for really getting into those brows. This is a little too thick to work as an eye liner brush but at a push you may be able to use this for that!

Accent Brush and Pixel Point Eyeliner Brush
I haven't had a chance to use either of these yet but both of these look really good. I really like the look of accent brush which I think I may use for highlighting my inner corner. I am not  completely sure what I am going to use these 2 little ones for, any ideas?

So that is what I bought with my Boots points, what is the last thing you guys got with your points? Let me know below and please follow me on Bloglovin so you never miss a post! Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed,

Laura xxx

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  1. I have this set. It comes in very useful! Lovely post! :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog