Tuesday, September 3, 2013

August Favourites: Random

My final part of my August favourites and these are actually properly the things I have been using and loving the most!! Like my previous posts I don't have that many things but lets go!!

Dexter and Breaking Bad
This month two of my favourite every shows have both come back for their final series! Mentioning a TV show in my favourites seems to have become a thing and although all the programmes I have mentioned I love these two are by far my favourite!! If you don't already know Dexter is about a serial killer who kills only 'bad' people and also works on the Miami police force as a forensics guy. The show is absolutely great and this season seems to be one of the best in a while. This season is the last ever and I can't wait to see where the writers are going to go with story. If you watch Dexter then let me know how you think it is going to end? Breaking Bad is a show that I may have actually mentioned before? It is about an ex school teacher who discovers he has cancer and turns to cooking crystal meth (sounds extreme I know). Last season ended on a massive cliff hanger and so far this season has been filled with so much fast paced drama I can barely contain my excitement!! I will be upset to see the end of both these shows and if you guys watch them I'm sure you will be too!!  The current season of Breaking Bad is available on Netflix if you want to check it out!

My Fitness Pal
Healthy eating and me go through many stages but in the last week or so I have been trying really hard to eat healthy and watch my calories. This app I have had for ages and it is really really helpful. You simply add what you have eaten and it works out the calories for you. You can download this app on Blackberry, Android and Iphone but it also has a website if you would prefer that!! This is one of the most useful apps I have and I know so many people that also use it and I would highly recommend it! 

Dunelm Mill
This has become my favourite shop recently! I went there about a month ago for the first time and feel in love! I got a new house in Brighton which I am properly moving into this month and I have been looking for some lovely house things. The prices are really reasonable and the stuff seems a really good quality. On my last visit I picked up a lovely floral pillow as well as a super cute Love sign (I may do a new home haul soon??) and I am sure I will pay this shop some more visits before I move in. 


  1. I've been addicted to the Fitness Pal since March this year - it's great! Xx


    1. I know, it is so handy. I can't believe its free to download as well,L xx