Thursday, June 19, 2014

Girl, Are You Crazy?? My Shopping Ban

I am without a doubt a beauty addict. I walk past a beautiful looking lipstick, I have to have it, see a new palette being released, I have to have it, hear about the best new foundation, I NEED IT! And whilst I love discovering new products and making that new beauty purchase my bank account hates me for it, a lot (and I don't think my mum approves much either). So after many tears (figurative tears, not real ones, yet!) and a lot of thought I have made quite a drastic discussion, I am not going to buy ANY beauty products until September (consequentially when I get my student loan).


Basically I can't buy anything! No new body butters, blushers, highlighters, make up removers, anything beauty related I can't buy!!

But what about that lovely new bronzer? No! You have 6!

I have run out of my favourite concealer? You have about 4 from other brands, try something new!

But the Body Shop are releasing a new product? Girl! Wait until it goes on sale later in the year!!

So goodbye beauty shopping for me! I know this seems quite extreme for someone who writes a beauty blog because a fair few of my posts are hauls but I am going to have to use my imagination a bit more and come up with some fresh new ideas! I am going to let myself buy clothes still, don't worry I haven't gone completely crazy! But I am generally just going to try and cut down on my spending! What do you guys think of my shopping ban? and does anyone want to join me?

I will be posting 1 last haul post in the next couple of days from a pre shopping ban time so make sure you come back and check that out, so wish me luck and thanks for reading,

                                                                          Laura xxx

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  1. I should probably try doing this too, but I know it will never last.
    Good luck! :)