Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Osbourne Collection at MAC

When it comes to a MAC collection I turn into a mad women and literally want to purchase all of it! My favourite collection this year so far has to be the Fantasy of Flowers collection which included the stunning Mineralise Skin Finish in Stereo Rose which is constantly in my make up bag but I think a new favourite may have just wandered into my life in the form of the Kelly and Sharon Osbourne Collection.

I went into my local MAC store the day this collection came out just for a little look at the products in person, I had already read so many reviews but wanted to give everything a little swatch and play with before deciding on what products I definitely wanted to buy. But as usual I lost control of my spending and ended up buying 2 little things! There are definitely a lot of things from this collection that I am still eyeing up (both the quads in particular) so this is just a little taster because I am sure I will be running back to MAC very soon. 

I love the packaging for both the girls and because of this wanted to make sure I got something from both lines. From Kelly I finally decided on the Blusher in Cheeky Bugger.  This is a satin finish blush which goes on a pretty understated rosy peach colour. I love a bright pink blusher so I was initially drawn to Sharon's blusher in Peaches and Cream which is much brighter but I decided to try something slightly different and go for a softer one. I have already used this blusher loads and I like it a lot (more than when I first swatched it in the shop). I think it will look fab on loads of skin tones, especially fair skin, but will also look amazing on with a bit of a tan. The finish of this is really love and leaves your cheeks looking stained with colour and beautifully flushed. As for the rest of Kelly's line I am really interested in 2 of the lipsticks, Kelly Yum Yum, a bright blue toned pink and the lovely bright lilac Dodgy Girl. Her Bloody Brilliant Eye Shadow Quad is also one I am keeping my eye on.

Onto Sharon and I played it very safe by just picking up a Lipglass in Pussy Willow. Firstly the name? Is it suppose to be naughty, I don't really get it!! This is a lovely gold super glittery sheer lipgloss. I think I prefer the lilac packaging of Kelly's line slightly more but the red packaging is stunning as well! I mostly got this to wear over lipsticks because I am loving a shimmery glossy lip at the moment but over the last couple of days I have enjoyed wearing this just on its own. Last night I did wear this over MAC Plink!, and I think it looked really gorgeous. It doesn't look too gold on the lips which I like but still leaves them with a bit of colour and not just glitter! This, like all their lip products, smells and tastes like vanilla (AMAZING). Out of the rest of the Sharon line there isn't that many things I am drawn too, the Duchess Eyeshaow Quad is under strong consideration for purchasing as is the Blusher in Peaches and Cream. But apart from that I like the Kelly range a little bit more, I think it is more appealing for younger people where as I reckon my mum would love some of the lip colours in the Sharon range!

All this reviewing has made me want to run back to MAC to get more so excuse me, i'm off!! Be back here tomorrow for a look at my new favourite dry shampoo, hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading,

Laura xx

I was going to link some of the products I like from the collection below but it looks like a lot of it is already sold out online. So I would advise going in and seeing if there is still some bits in stock in your local store!

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  1. I saw that collection on the website, eeek, it's so pretty! I loved everything! x

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