Friday, June 6, 2014

May Empties

Ok so I have again been very bad and not posted in ages, but I feel a lot more organised now and I am back from holiday so hopefully I can start posting in a slightly more scheduled manner!! Anyway I have used up some more stuff in the last month so here is a look into my bin,

First up is this face mask from Lush and it is the Catastrophe Cosmetic Fresh Face Mask, this is a blueberry face mask which is suppose to be really good for break outs. I think I bought this back in March/April time and used it pretty quickly. The fresh face masks only last about 6 weeks so you do have to use them up pretty quick which is quite annoying but as the pot is quite small you do get through it within the time. I did like this mask but didn't love it so I probably won't repurchase this exact one again but I may try other Lush masks in the future.

Staying on skincare and this is probably my favourite skincare/make up product at the moment and it is the Body Shop Tea Tree Pore Minimiser. I am a massive fan of the tea tree range from Body Shop and for my skin all the products do absolute wonders! This is my 3rd tube of this primer and I am still a massive fan. It works at combating breakouts but at the same time minimises those pores and keeps your make up on all day. I think this is such a great product and I have already repurchased a new one.

Now this product isn't technically empty but I stupidly left the lid of this so it is all dried up and that is the Collection Gel Eye Liner in Black. Now as you probably know I am terrible at all eye liner, gel, pencil, liquid, you name it, I can't apply it so I haven't had a great deal of use out of this but on the odd occasion I attempt to use eye liner this is the one I lean to. From what I have used of it, it seems pretty good. I probably wouldn't repurchase it but if you like gel eye liner this would probably be fab for you! If anyone has any recommendations for eye liner that is idiot proof please let me know!

Next up very good mascara, the Maybelline The Falsies Volume Express Mascara. I think this is a drugstore favourite for most beauty bloggers and I love it as well. I think this gives great length and volume to your lashes without clumping them together which is great. I will definitely be repurchasing this at some point but I do want to try a few new mascaras first. 

Onto a empties regular and that is the V05 Give Me Texture Dry Texturising Spray. I mentioned this product in my last empties and also a favourites, so if you want to know more check those out! I do still really like this product but I have fallen slightly out of love with it recently. It does give texture and provides much needed volume for my hair but I really want to try a texturising powder (I really want Bumble and Bumble Pret a Poweder!!) so this probably won't be repurchased for a while. 

Now my last 2 empties are make up products and the first is the Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation. I am pretty sure I have spoken about this before but it is basically my favourite budget foundation. I like foundations that are quite light and low coverage and that provides just that. This goes on fabulously with buffing brushes but also with sponges (I like applying this with the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge). The feel of this on the skin is amazing and it lasts for ages. I really can't say enough good things about this and I will be repurchasing this ASAP!

My last empty is something that I had sort of forgotten about until recently and it is the Maybelline Dream Touch Lumi Foundation. This is a great highlighting concealer! I am really trying to attempt contouring at the moment so when I found this in my make up stash I was very excited. It is great for under the eyes and is also really nice for highlighting your cheek bones. This is the only highlighting concealer I really have so although I really enjoyed this I would be keen to try some others on the market before repurchasing this one. 

So there is your look into my bin. I feel like I get through products quite quickly at the moment which obviously means more shopping (yay!). Again sorry for the long absence but I am back on track and very excited for some of the posts I have lined up! I will be back tomorrow with a post all about my recent holiday but for now I am off for a nap because I got back at 4 this morning and feel very tired from all the travelling!! Hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading,

                                                                     Laura xx

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  1. I love The Body Shop Tea Tree range cannot wait to try the pore minimiser <3