Friday, June 20, 2014

Non Beauty Favourites

Now when it comes to sharing stuff on this blog it is normally very make up and beauty related but for once I fancied talking about non beauty related things. So here is a little look at my non beauty favourites of the month!

I have been addicted to Netflix recently. My boyfriend has had a netflix subscription for ages and we also watch stuff together and cheekily I also use it on my laptop. For ages I just didn't really watch much on there though, instead spending my time watching YouTube videos! But now Uni is over for the year I have a little bit more time on my hands and netflix seems to be filling up that time. It amazes me how many films and tv programmes they have on there and I always feel spoilt for choice but some stuff I have loved watching lately is Ru Paul's Drag Race and Orange Is The New Black. Ru Paul's Drag Race is basically America's Next Top Model for Drag Queens and is as fabulous and camp as it sounds! I have powered my way through every season on Netflix and I am utterly addicted!! I'm sure you have all heard of or watched Orange is the new black but I am a little bit behind (half way through season 1) but so far I am loving it! It has me laughing hysterically and I can't wait to watch more!

Iced Coffee 
Now this is a weird one but recently I have been on an iced coffee hype! Whenever I head to Costa or Starbucks I always order a skinny iced latte because they are just so good! I have tried making them at home and although they are not quite as good it is keeping my addiction in check! A Starbucks is opening literally 3 mins from my house next week and I can only imagine how much time I will be spending there!! 

iPad mini!
Now this is only a very recent favourite because I only got one on Wednesday but I literally love it!! My very generous Mum and Dad kindly bought me it and I am still pinching myself that I actually have one but I do and I can't put it down! I insistently downloaded the kindle app so I have already got a good book on the go (Will Grayson Will Grayson by John Green) and have downloaded all my blogging apps as well. I am not great with technology but it is so easy to use and I'm so excited to play around with it more. I am even using it to write this post! 

Brighton's Big Screen 
Now if you don't live in or around Brighton you may not have heard of this but basically there is a massive screen on Brighton beach for the next month or so and it is great! It is free to watch and is showing loads of films as well as all all the World Cup games! Me and my boyfriend went down there to watch the first match, Brazil v Croatia, and it was so much fun! There is food and drink down there, which is fairly expensive, but it is so amazing and I would suggest you go and check it out if you can but the atmosphere for the football is good.
So that is all my non beauty favourites for the mo, I quite enjoyed writing this so I will probably include some more random favs in my beauty monthly favourites! Make sure to give my blog a follow on Bloglovin and follow me on Instagram if you fancy being a little nosey! Come back tomorrow for my final haul for a couple of months!! (I'm on a spending ban, check out yesterday's post). The haul features some lovely new palettes from Make Up Revolution so be sure to look out for that! Hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading,

 Laura xx

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