Friday, July 18, 2014

2 True Brand Focus

So I decided to do a little monthly series here where I basically review a lot of products from 1 brand. I decided to start off with a brand that I had barely ever heard of, 2 True. For me this is the type of brand I just walk quickly past whilst trying to get to Sleek. But last month I decided to stop at the little counter thing and actually have a look at their products. I ended up buying 6 of their items and here are my thoughts!!

Smooth Matte Pressed Powder in 001, £1.99

I really wanted to get this in a translucent colour but there was any so I went for the only shade that was there 001. It is pretty much translucent so it has done the job. I have been using this recently as a setting powder as I tend to get oilier over summer. Now I don't mind this as a setting powder, it does keep my make up in place for longer but it can go slightly cakey after a while. That isn't really my problem with it though, what I don't like is the smell!! It literally smells like old lady make up if you can imagine what that smells like?

3 in 1 Concealer in 03, £1.99

I had actually heard Scared Toast talk about this concealer and she has said pretty good things so I was really excited to try this out. Unfortunately they only had the shade 03 in my Superdrug but I went with it and have tried to make it work. It is little too dark for me but I have still be using it and I have really enjoyed it. The concealer provides really good coverage and I have been using it for both blemishes and under my eyes. This does tend to disappear off your face by the end of the day but overall for the price it is pretty good.


Crystal Lipgloss in 02,  £1.99

I have no words other than NO for this!! It looks really pretty in the tube and I was really excited to give it a go but the first time I opened and used this it cut my lip!! The applicator is like hard and sharp! I haven't even attempted to give this another go because I am scared to harm myself again!!

Plumptuous Lipgloss in 08, £1.99
This is suppose to plump up your lips and leave them looking pretty and massive! This does make your lips look bigger and is a really pretty colour. I have used this quite a bit actually and unlike the other one it has a good doe foot applicator, so there is no worry about it stabbing me! The only problem with this lipgloss is that it is fairly sticky which isn't great on windy days because then I get a horrible hair stuck to lip situation. 

Wow! Volume Mascara in 1 Black, £3
So this was the most expensive thing in the line but at only £3 it is still cheap! I really like this for lengthening my lashes, it makes them look really nice and long but tends to clump them together, so I end up with 3 really long lashes. As much as I like long lashes I would prefer more lashes at a smaller length. I have played around with this and found that although it isn't awful I have other mascaras that I much prefer.

Twist 'n' Line Eye Definer in 03 Blue, £1.99
They had this product in about 4 or 5 colours but I decided to go for blue because I don't actually own a blue liner so thought I would go for that one. This is fine, it isn't really bad but the pigmentation isn't very good and it doesn't stay on for very long. You have to really go for it when you apply this if you want to get a good level of colour and then it doesn't really stay on for that long, literally rubbed off after 2 hours. I'm not going to chuck this away but it also isn't going to be something that I am leaning to regularly.

Ok, so that is my reviews on 2True. Overall I was pleasantly surprised, except for the first lipgloss none of the products were bad and for under 2 quid they are pretty good. I will be keeping all of these in my make up collection and be persisting with them!! Hope you enjoyed this 'brand focus' post and I will be back tomorrow with a review of one of the Make Up Revolution Salvation Palettes (which i'm loving). Hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading,

Laura xxx

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  1. Oh wow the concealer sounds amazing, especially considering it's less than £2! I need to try it! xx

    Gemma // Miss Makeup Magpie