Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I Cheated! TWICE

So just under a month ago I put myself on a beauty/make up shopping ban. I was positive that I would last at least a month before cheating but I didn't. I have been very naughty and bought 2 things and not just little things, pretty expensive things!!

So first up is the Benefit They're Real Push Up Liner, I went into Boots a couple of days before my self inflicted spending ban and tried this out, I have to admit I loved it! The women who helped me out with it was so lovely and talked me into (she just mentioned it and I said yes, there were no questions asked) putting a £5 deposit down and then purchasing the rest when it was released. So because I bought some out of it before my spending ban technically it isn't cheating, right? I'm not sure that is true but that is the story I am sticking too. 

I have mentioned before that I am not good with eyeliner, I rarely ever wear it because when I do attempt to do it I just look like I have rubbed crayon all over my eyelids, not a good look. I had heard that this makes eye liner application so easy and for me that is just what I need. I barely waited until I had got home to try this on and when I did I fell in love. I text my friends, raved about it to anyone who would listen, it was true love. BUT and it is quite a big but my feelings have changed. I am now very much on the fence about how I feel about this, there is no denying it makes application easy but apart from that I am not sure I like it? I don't know, I feel very confused by this product, I am going to keep using it and if you want a full review let me know?

Now onto the naughtiness thing I have ever bought. I'll set the scene, I am at Rhodes airport so very very hungover after a week of pretty much non stop drinking but I had a far amount of euros left over. I am feeling very sorry for myself so me and my friends head to duty free for some retail therapy. YSL called my name and with the help of RebeccaAnnBeauty (who basically made me buy this, she got one too!). As Amelia Liana would say we were feeling spendy. I bought a YSL Rouge Volumpte Lipstick in 33. 

Words fail me when I talk about this product, just look at it!! Please everyone stop reading and just LOOK AT IT!! The packaging just looks like it has been crafted my a tribe of elves, it is just too nice! It is too pretty, criminally pretty and I OWN IT!!! I have had this for like a week now and I still can't get over it. I will be doing a full review on this because I want to talk about this for as long as possible. It is just amazing. 

Ok so mini breakdown over, those are my recent naughty purchases. As much as this means I haven't stuck to my spending ban I don't regret buying these at ALL. Especially the YSL lipstick because I would never have bought one full price, I think with the conversion rate I ended up getting it for £21 which saves me £3.50, which is nearly 4 MUA lipsticks!! Make sure to follow me on Bloglovin and come back tomorrow for another fun post, hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading, 

Laura xxx

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