Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Because I Needed It Haul

So I am on a spending ban currently, and except for 2 expensive slip ups I have done pretty well but yesterday I realised I needed some things (well sort of) so I had no choice but to run down to the nearest Boots and pick up a few things!

OK so to be honest the only thing I actually needed were these Boots Cotton Wool Double Faced Round Pads. I use these everyday for my Garnier cleanser and also my toner and I had run out so I did actually need to pick up some more. These are my favourite pads to use because they are double sided and are stitched together so they don't end up falling to pieces whilst you are using them which I hate!!

Next up was a bit of a random purchase. I think my eyelashes are pretty good at being curled so I don't tend to use eyelashes curlers but when I saw these bright pink Models Own Eyelash Curlers I couldn't resist picking them up! I mean seriously! Bright pink! I am going to try and use these a bit more and hopefully they will give me amazing curled lashes.

I had a mini explosion on Thursday with my current eye cream (which I talked about in my skincare routine) so I had completely run out and decided that I needed eye cream in my life so had to get a new one. I have been thinking about getting the Kiehls Avocado one but I couldn't quite bring myself to spend £20 on it so I settled for the Soap And Glory Youthful Illuminating Eye Cream. I love the packaging for Soap and Glory and this little silver tub is super cute. The eye cream itself seems pretty thick, which I like. I haven't had a chance to really try it out but I shall keep you updated! This does contain some anti aging stuff which I don't really need but I don't think it is ever too early to start fighting wrinkles!!

This hot weather is turning me into a complete oily mess and I am hating it! I don't tend to use powder normally because I don't really need it but boy do I need it now! I thought about just picking up a cheap one but I had heard so many good things about Soap and Glory One Heck Of A Blot that I thought I would give it a go. This is just a translucent powder which I have been using for all over my face as a setting powder. From the few times I have used it I have definitely seen a difference oil wise so I have very high hopes for this!!

There you go, that is a little insight into what I bought yesterday! I will be back tomorrow with the post I was going to post today (if that makes sense) so follow me on Bloglovin so you don't miss that! Hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading,

Laura xxx

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  1. Love the name of this post. I so love the One Heck of a Blot - it's my favourite powder xx

    Gemma // Miss Makeup Magpie