Friday, July 25, 2014

Make Up Revolution Sugar And Spice Blush Palette Review

So I am firmly on the Make Up Revolution party bus and loving every minute of it! Earlier this week I reviewed one of the salvation eye shadow palettes and now I have moved onto one of the 2 blush palettes. I ended up purchasing both the blush palettes but I am reviewing this one first because it is the one I have been using the most, so here goes!

This palette is full of 8 pink toned blushers. The first 2 colours in the palette (top left) are still pink toned but are very brown, really nice for contouring (especially the nose and bottom lip). The next 4 blushers are all matte pinks, ranging from bright pink to a more purple toned pink.The final 2 colours are both baked, one a highlighter and the other a blusher. 

Overall I think this palette is very pretty. If you like a more muted blush colour this isn't really going to be a firm favourite, but it is always fun to play around with bright colours. These do go on very pigmented so a light touch is needed when applying and sometimes you have to spend a bit of time blending it out. 

I am not really a fan of the highlighter in the palette, it is far to white which just leaves your cheekbones looking weird! Overall though I don't have many complaints about this palette, the colours are pretty, they apply nicely and stay on for a fair amount of time. Obviously they aren't the best blushers out there but for only £6 for a palette of 8 blushers it is a great way to built up a good collection. 

I still have a few more Make Up Revolution products to review so make sure you give me a follow on Bloglovin so you don't miss them. What of their products have you used and enjoyed? I'm always after a good recommendation! I will be back again tomorrow where we will be talking about lazy make up products. Hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading, 

Laura xxx


  1. The pigmentation looks very strong and great range of shades! :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  2. Wow those blushes are really pigmented! Great review, I'm more into sheer blushes but like you said this palette sounds fun to play around with <3