Thursday, July 31, 2014

National Orgasm Day

So my Mum will be freaking out when she sees the name of this post but I thought in honour of National Orgasm Day (which an email from Ann Summers informed me was today) I would talk about the product that has been giving me a make up orgasm recently!!

So I did mention this beauty in another post but I thought it deserved a post all for itself. I bought the YSL Rouge Volupte in duty free at Rhodes airport and was feeling so very spendy. At the time the €30 price tag didn't bother me but on reflection that is a hell of a lot of money! BUT it is completely worth it, this is by far the best lipstick I have ever ever owned! I got the colour 33, which is a beautiful pinky corally colour with a little sparkle, my favourite lipstick colour. The formulation of this is unbelievable and I have genuinely had so many compliments when I have been wearing this.

The lipstick itself is obviously fantastic but it's the packaging that has got me. It is honestly the most beautiful thing I own, I just want to frame it and hang it somewhere so I can just stare at it forever. I know some of you are probably thinking I need to chill out about this lipstick and go find a man to celebrate national orgasm day with but who needs men when you have a lipstick this beautiful?? 

Please let me guys know what is giving you a make up orgasm day!

Laura xxx


  1. :| that's one of the most beautiful lipsticks i've ever seen. such a gorgeous colour, and suits you so well! I need it!

    i didn't realise it was national orgasm today, but i have coincidentally written a post today about a few products i'm loving!