Thursday, July 17, 2014

Recent Beauty Favourites

So I was going to do a June favourites but we are over half way through the month now so I think I might be slightly too late for that party. Instead I thought I would just talk about some things I have been loving recently, so right through from the beginning of June till now. I'd grab a cup of tea because I think this could be a long one!!

Tangle Teezer
I feel like everyone and their mum has one of these and I didn't jump on the tangle teezer train for ages but I am so glad I have. This is probably the best brush, if you can call it that, that I have ever used. It is so gentle on your hair but also gets out every knot, tangle and anything else you may have in your hair! I use this on my hair both wet and dry and it works amazingly both ways. I can't imagine every going back to a traditional type brush after using this. 

Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette
Since getting all the Naked palette I have developed quite the attachment to Naked 3, all the colours in there are just me colours and 9 times out of 10 I will always reach for that one. I was feeling daring though and when I went to Greece I decided to leave Naked 3 at home and bring Naked 2 away with me. Having that as my only palette to use made me realise how lovely it actually is. I tried to mess around with the palette and use every colour but I did end up with 3 favourites. My first favourite is Half Baked, which is a lovely coopery bronze colour. I think this is perfect for an all over lid colour. I also really loved Snakebite and YDK which are both awesome for in the crease. I think Naked 2 is quite a sexy palette if that makes sense? So it was a nice change from the pink girliness of Naked 3. 

Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration After Sun Coconut and Papaya Fragrance
I think I have harped on about this after sun quite enough but I genuinely really really love it! Aftersun is obviously a must for post sun skin but I love this so much because it just smells so good! Over my 2 holidays this year I have managed to get through nearly a whole bottle and even now that I am back I have carried on using it because it smells amazing!! If you guys want a great aftersun I would recommend trying this out. 

No7 Skin Illuminator Radiance Boosting Beauty Fluid
So this is a bit of a different product for me. My mum loves No7 and she got this little sample size free in a goodie bag with a few other products. I decided she wouldn't use that so snatched it away for myself! As the name suggests this is an illuminator/highlighter thingy. I have been using this in 2 ways and love it. So first up I just apply this after primer but before foundation for an all over glowy look. I have also just used this as a liquid highlighter and applied it to my cheekbones over foundation, both ways leave you with beautiful glowing skin!! I think this product will be great for autumn/ winter time as well when your skin has lost its summer glow.

MAC Plink and MAC Pussywillow
So separately these are both favourites but together they are my most favourite lip combo at the moment! As you can see the lipstick looks a little bit worse for wear thanks to an exploding nail varnish whilst I was travelling! I picked Plink up in May when I was on the hunt for a perfect nude. I have never had much luck with nude lipsticks, they tend to make me look like I have just rubbed concealer all over my lips, not a good look! This lipstick however has the perfect amount of nudeness and pinkness to make my lips look lush (well I think so anyway). This lipgloss is from the Sharon Osbourne collection and is just the loveliest shimmery nude. Again I love this on its own but when I put it over Plink, wow! My lips look good (I think!).

So those are my most recent beauty favourites. I will definitely be back doing the regular monthly favourites post for July I just need to get my organisation skills together! Please come back tomorrow where I shall be doing a 'brand focus' post where I review loads of products from 1 brand! Give my little blog a follow on Bloglovin, hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading,

Laura xx

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  1. I love Hawaiian Tropic.. I must snap that aftersun up, it sounds incredible xx

    Gemma // Miss Makeup Magpie