Sunday, August 18, 2013

A Purple Post

This a new series I am going to start doing which involves every other Sunday picking a colour and talking about all my favourite products which are that colour! So today I am going to be talking about Purple. When I first came up with this idea I thought it would be super easy to think of Purple products but it was actually really hard! I have managed to gather 4 things that are all Purple and are also things I really really love, so lets get started!!

H and M Nail Varnish in Misty Lilac
I haven't had the best experience of these nail varnishes in the past. I have found although they have really pretty colours the actual formulation isn't very good and it tends to chip really really easily. When I found this beautiful soft lilac colour I had to buy it though! I have used this probably 5 or 6 different types now and I have to say the formulation is a lot better than I remember. It goes on really nicely and if you make sure to apply a top coat you will get a couple of days wear out of this before it begins to chip. The formulation of this isn't as good as most other nail varnishes I own but I think this colour is just too pretty to not wear. 

Revlon Nail Art Moon Candy in Satellite
When I first heard of these a couple of months back I was really really intrigued and couldn't wait to try them out. I only have it in this colour Satellite but I would definitely get some more. I think this deep plum colour is beautiful, it isn't the most summery colour but as we head into Autumn I know I will be wearing this all the time. The glitter is really nice as well and although they obviously come as a kit I do use the glitter end on top of others colour. You do need to put 2 or 3 coats of the glitter on for it to look really nice in my opinion but after that the effect is just lovely. I think this probably my favourite Purple nail polish I own. 

Rimmel Lipstick in Starry-Eyed 
Now I am not completely sure purple toned lipsticks suit me but I really hope they do as I love them. My friend has this lipstick and when I borrowed it once I feel so in love I had to buy my own. This is a really lovely purpley maroon colour, it is quite dark so I'm not 100% sure it suits my pale complexion so when I do use it I only apply a little and add some gloss over the top. If like me you are a bit scared about darker lipsticks I think this a perfect one to start out with. 

Denman Teasing Comb
I'm not sure if this is cheating or not but the comb itself is purple! This is literally my favourite hair product I own. I quite thin lifeless hair and it always need more volume and this is just perfect for adding volume to my roots. It is great for back combing but it is also really good for brushing out knots and tangles. I think this a must have for any who likes big voluminous hair. Also the size is perfect for just chucking in your clutch on nights out!

So that is all of my favourite Purple items. Next time I shall be talking about all my lovely Coral things (coral is by far my favourite colour). What purple products do you guys love?

Hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading!

                                                                              L xxx


  1. i love the idea of the various colour posts, i look forward to reading the next one! :)

    Leyla xx

  2. thanks! so glad you liked it :) L xx