Thursday, August 8, 2013


I am an avid blog reader so when I stumbled across Bloglovin' last month I fell slightly in love. Bloglovin is a great website through which you can follow all your favourite blogs and make sure you never miss a post! 

I used to spend hours trawling through all my favourite blogs looking for new posts I hadn't yet read, bloglovin does that for you! It's like facebook in that you have a feed, which has all the latest posts that the blogs you follow have posted. I am completely loving this website and I am so so glad that I found it!!

I have made my blog available to follow on bloglovin so if you would like to follow me (which I would love love love love love you to do) please either press the follow button on the right above or the follow button at the bottom of these post, and every other post I have.

I'm sure you all probably use bloglovin anyway so this probably isn't anything new but when I find something I like I just have to share!!

So please get following, thank you!!!

                                                             L xxx

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