Wednesday, August 14, 2013

My New Favourite Product #1

So this is a new thing I am going to do once a month where I talk about my new favourite product that I have discovered or starting using that month. So this month it is something that I literally can't believe I ever lived without and it is the Bourjois magic Nail polish remover. 

For some reason I have been under a beauty rock when it comes to this and although I have heard of it, I had never bothered trying it. I picked this up about a month ago now and I love it so much. I can't wear nail varnish  where I work so although I love having nail varnish on the thought of taking it off just drains me. But this product has honestly really changed how I feel about nail polish (that sounds dramatic but it is true). 

If you haven't heard about this product before it is basically a nail polish remover in a pot. So all you do is put your fingers into the little pot move it around a little and then voila! all you nail varnish is gone. It is literally that easy. This does smell really really strongly which I don't like but the fact that it is so quick and easy makes this product just completely amazing to me. If you are lazy and hate taking your nail varnish off this is definitely the product for you! I doubt I will be using traditional nail polish remover anytime soon.

Do you guys have any favourite new products?, if you do let me know as I would love to try something new. Hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading

                                                L xxx

P.S. Literally just as I finished writing this my new Real Techniques brushes arrived so watch out for a post on them coming very very soon!!

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