Monday, August 19, 2013

MUA BB Cream Review

As you can see this is very well loved!
On one of my many Superdrug trips over the last months I picked up this BB cream to add to my already extensive collection. I have owned this for about 6 weeks now so I feel I have used it enough to give it a pretty good review, so here goes!

I have this in the colour Light Rose, which is the 2nd lightest in the 8 colour selection. My initial first impression was that I really didn't like this at all! It tends to feel quite sticky on your skin for a good 10 minutes after you apply it, which I really really can't stand. This did almost immediately put me off this but because I had heard some good things I decided to persist, and I am really glad I did.

One layer of this does provide quite light coverage but it is super buildable so would be great for people with acne and people with perfect skin (if those people exist). It applies really easily and blends into the skin nicely, like I said it does feel quite sticky so I normally wait a few minutes after application before I put on the rest of my make up. Like most BB creams it leaves a super pretty dewy finish which I think is perfect for this time of year.

Overall I am very torn by this product, for £4 the standard of this is quite impressive but the stickiness of it does put me off quite a lot! I have quite the selection of drugstore BB creams and this is probably ranked somewhere in the middle. I would suggest you guys try this if you are interested though as it is a good cheap product! MUA have impressed me quite a lot recently and later this week I shall be doing a post on the best of MUA so make sure you check that out to see if these features at all!!

Hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading 

                                                                          L xxx


  1. I love MUA! xx

    1. they are literally one of my fav drugstore brands!