Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Most Used Make Up Tools

Yesterday I decided to do the boring task of washing my make up brushes and whilst doing so I got some blogspiration and decided to do a post on my most used and most loved make up tools! I have kept this list quite brief but here goes:

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush
This probably my favourite brush ever! I mentioned it yesterday in my Dermablend review and I use it to apply almost all my foundations. All Real Technique brushes are multi purpose so although I use this mainly for foundation it is great for all number of things! All my foundations go on beautifully with this brush but it is also equally good for blending concealer and applying cream blushes. I rarely ever get ready without using this brush, and although I use it for loads of things already I'm sure there is so many other things I can do with it. How do you guys use this? If there is anything I am missing out on please let me know.

Beauty Blender/Sponge
I bought this pink blending sponge off eBay for 99p and I am so glad I bought it. I use this when I apply BB creams or want lighter coverage from my foundations. I use this damp and it just blends the product in seamlessly. I wasn't a massive fan of sponges before I bought this but now I am definitely hooked! I know Real Techniques are bringing out a sponge in September and I really can't wait to try it out. 

No7 Eye Brushes
I mentioned these brushes in my July favourites, but I really do love them. I never ever apply eyeshadow without them now. These have been likened to the Mac shadow brushes and I would say they are indeed similar. Obviously they are not as good as the Mac brushes BUT for the tiny price tag these are completely worth it and really really good quality. These are my drugstore pick for eyeshadow brushes, I just don't think any other low budget brushes compare. But if you guys know any good brands for eye brushes do let me know!

Ear Buds
Now this isn't exactly a make up brush or sponge but it is something I use every single day. Whether it's for wiping away an accidental mascara smudge or applying eyeshadow to my water line this is an absolute gem! I think these are just super useful so I always have a box of these next to me when I'm getting ready so I can grab one when ever needed.

Now make up brushes and tools can be pricey and if you are just getting into make up you may not be able to afford brushes or if you are feeling lazy you may just not want to use them, fear not though brushes aren't necessary. You can applying practically anything just with your hands. Foundation goes on great with your fingers as does cream products, such as blushes and eyeshadows. If you do use your hands always remember to wash them before you start just so everything is nice and clean!

So for me these are my must have tools! There are so many more products that I could have included but I didn't want this post to go on forever. Anyway hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading. Also if any of you saw my blog post on Saturday or Sunday, you would have seen that I have just ordered some new brushes so expect some reviews to follow!!

                                                                            L xxx

What tools do you guys use? Is there any brushes I must try?


  1. I am dying to try a make-up spongue that's shaped like that. I mostly just stick to my trusty MaxFactor foundation brush.


  2. you really should try one,they are amazing!

    and i haven't tried the MaxFactor brush, is it any good?

    L xx