Thursday, August 15, 2013

My Hair Obsession

Me and my hair have quite the love hate relationship. When I was a kid I hated my 'ginger' hair but as I have grown up I have fallen slightly in love with it. Hairdressers always use to say when I was little that so many people would pay loads of money to have the same colour hair as me and I would awkwardly laugh, not believing them. But now I know I'm lucky to have hair that is different to most people and I honestly would never ever dye it. At this very moment in time my hair is my new playground and I am loving trying different things. My new favourite thing to play with is hair accessories and here are my current favourite pretty hair things!

This spiked floral headband is probably my favourite hair accessory ever! I bought this back at the beginning of June from Topshop and I still wear it all the time. I love spike and florals so the combination of the two is pure perfection in my book. I can't say enough nice things about this and I just think its totally cute (I call it my fairy princess tiara! is that weird?) I do wear this during the day but I mostly wear it for nights out and things like that. I think that I will be wearing this for a lot lot longer.

Now on to clips, I know about 3 years ago flower hair clips were all the fashion but I am going retro and bringing back the flower hair clip. I picked these hot pink ones up from H and M and they cost be about £3. They are great for just clipping into your hair to make it look more summery. I love the hot pink colour and I just think they are really pretty. 

Like I said I love florals and this daisy headband was just too cute to resist. I think this was about £2 from Primark, which is just a complete bargain, and again I wear this loads. This headband will probably not survive this summer but for £2 that doesn't really bother me. When I'm feeling lazy this is brilliant for just popping on and making it look like you have made an effort. I also really like wearing this when I have put my hair up in a bun just to make it a bit more special!

All these girly florals may not be everyones cup of tea but at the moment I am embracing my girly side and rolling with the floral punches. If you guys have any cute hair things that you think I would like please let me know because I really want more!! Hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading!! 

Almost forgot, I am thinking about getting a fringe and I would like to know if any of you have fringes and if  they are hard to maintain? Because I am quite lazy so high maintenance hair just isn't my thing. 

                                                                     L xxx

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