Friday, August 9, 2013

Packing Stress Fixes: Part 2

For me the hardest part about packing is deciding what to take, and I always end up over packing and taking things I definitely do not need. So to help you out here are my beauty essentials for any holiday:

Try to pick on that is really really hydrating. Your skin gets so dry in the sun so you need a moisturiser that is going to rehydrated your skin at the end of the day and leave it feeling lovely for the next day. Another good idea is too look for a moisturiser with SPF in it, that way it doesn't just nourish your skin it always protects it!

Lip Balm
I normally take two lip balms on holiday, one flavoured one and another one which has SPF. I never put sun cream on my lips, I'm not sure if you are suppose to??, so a lip balm with SPF saves my lips from getting all chapped and nasty!

Bioderma and Make Up Wipes
I get so lazy on holiday and after a few cocktails my skincare routine seems to go out the window! That's why Bioderma is a must have because not only does it act as a great make up remover it also cleanses your skin nicely. Make Up wipes are also a must for when even Bioderma is too much of an effort (told you I was lazy). 

After Sun
I burn very easily (very very easily) so for me a holiday without after sun would be a complete disaster! I love this one from Garnier (I raved about it in my monthly favourites) as it is so cooling and rehydrating on your skin. I normally have an afternoon siesta on holiday so I always apply a thick layer of this before my nap and then leave it to soak in. For extra cooling power I keep this in the fridge, probably my holiday must have!!

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream
Your whole face takes a battering from the sun, sea and pool on holiday so this intense moisturiser is perfect! Now this isn't the cheapest of products but I really do think it is worth the money. I put this on my lips and nose, and it really keeps them both moisturised and feeling soft. Such a good product for all year round!

Body Butters
For me, body butters aren't quite enough hydration for holiday so I mostly use this for the smell but they are still a must have on holiday. In summer I literally want to smell like a giant fruit bowl so anything that smells fruity I buy. This mango one has such a tropical scent and is also the perfect travelling size!

I don't think there is any explanation needed! This one is super nice though as it doesn't leave your skin feeling guilty!

Now all this talk of holidays have made me feel holiday sick so I'm off to browse holidays on the internet for next year!! Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed

                                                                L xxx

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