Thursday, August 8, 2013

Packing Stress Fixes: Part 1

The thought of packing to go on holiday honestly fills me with such worry and stress! Every year I promise myself that next year will be different but this year it actually was different (well done me). So although packing my clothes still involved chucking far too many clothes into a far too small suitcase my beauty packing was a serene scene of calmness(ish). 

So for stress free beauty packing here are my tips!
  1. Write a list!
A week or so before I go away I write a list of all the products I think I'm going to need whilst away. Writing a list in advantage gives you a chance to get any products you need so you don't end up having to run to the shops at the last minute! I wrote mine on my notes on my Iphone and I found it super helpful. 
My little list!

    2.  Think Small

Sample sized product I used up on my holiday
I don't think you need to take full bottles of products away with you. You are only away for a couple of weeks and there is only so much toner you can use in that time! Plus airlines only let you take about 15/20kg bags these days, and you don't want half of that to be on one big bottle of Bioderma. The obvious thought is to buy travel sized products, but they can end up being quite expensive! So my tip is to buy some small containers, I got some from Primark for £1, and put enough of your big products into them to take away with you. They are super practical and also little things are cute. f you have any samples products you want to use up, go ahead and  take them! Not only are they the perfect travelling size you might actually end up finding a product you really like!


 3.  Don't leave it till the last minute

This is an obvious one but one people often don't do. If you leave packing till the last minute you will end up stressed and not being able to find things. You'll also probably end up forgetting something, and a week without mascara just isn't ideal! So be organised and plan in advance.

So that is it for part 1, part 2 will follow in a couple of days! Hope you enjoyed and thanks!

                                                                  L xxx

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