Sunday, August 11, 2013

What's In My Bag

I can't go anywhere without a bag, whether it's a quick trip to the shop or just a drive to McDonalds I need my bag. My bag also has to be massive, no clutches or small bags for me!! The bigger the better!! So here is my first ever what's in my bag. My bag is from Debenhams and I absolutely love it! It's so big and perfect for just chucking in everything you need. I haven't mentioned my make up bag as I am going to do a separate what's in my make up bag post. So here is a list of the contents of my beloved bag:

  • My Purse, this is from River Island and I have had it for years because I just haven't been able to find a better one. The size is perfect and it has enough slots for all my cards and room for change as well. 
  • My Iphone, I keep this in a little pocket in my bag so I always know where it is. My phone is probably my most essential item, I just can't leave the house without. 
  • Pukka Pad Academic Planner and a Pen, I use this to plan all my blog posts as well as write down lists for practically anything and everything. Again this is always in my bag, especially when I go shopping. If I don't take it with me I always end up forgetting something. 
  • Travel Card and Oyster Card, barely ever go to London but I have an oyster card just in case!
  • Primark Hand Gel, you never know when your hands are going to get dirty so this is a handbag essential in my book!
  • Soap and Glory Hand Food, after hand gel comes Hand Food. My hands get dry really easily so I like to have this with me at all times so I can keep my hands nice and hydrated. In my opinion there is nothing worse than holding hands with someone who has dry hands!!
  • Soap and Glory Righteous Butter, I honestly have no clue why this is in my bag! I never randomly moisturise my body when I'm out and about but I guess I have it just in case!
  • Body Shop Mango Body Mist, I've said how much I love this before so of course I carry one around with me.
  • Sure Deodorant, the weather in England always seem to surprise you and you never know when you may need a quick freshen up so I always keep a little can of this on me.
  • Extra Chewing Gum, chewing gum is probably my favourite thing ever. I always have some in my car and I carry it in my bag as well. You never know when you need some and that's why I'm always prepared.
  • Compact Mirror and Mini Hairbrush, these you just need! My new obsession is a bowler hat so when I take it off I always have hat hair so it is great to keep a mini hairbrush on me. A compact mirror is also super handy for touching up make up whilst you are on the go.
  • Revlon Lipgloss in Peach Petal, I said I wouldn't talk about my make up bag but I found this lipgloss rolling around in the bottom of my bag! It's always handy just to have a neutral lipgloss for touch ups throughout the day.

I am actually surprisingly impressed! I thought I would have a lot more random clutter in my bag. I love reading what's in my bag posts so I hope you enjoyed mine and thanks for reading!

What do you guys keep in your bags? And do you have any favourite bags at the moment as I'm looking for a new one?

                                                                      L xxx

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