Thursday, August 8, 2013

Body Shop Beautifying Oil Review

So whilst browsing the shelves of Body Shop recently I stumbled across the new beauty find! I'm not sure if this is a new product or just a new product in my life, but either way I hadn't seen this in Body Shop before. I have never really been a massive oil fan so this was a risky purchase for me but I thought it was worth trying.

I love the smell of practically everything from the Body Shop so I was excited to try this. I got it in the flavour/fragrance (I don't know what to call it!) cocoa butter which smells so chocolately rich and very luxurious. Normally I go for more fruity fragrances but as I was feeling daring I thought something different would be good for me!

This is a dry oil and it feels very light ( I was worried it would feel too heavy for me) and I am loving using it for so so many things. On the bottle it suggested to be used on the face, body and hair, I have tried using it on all 3 and have had pretty good results! Oils however are a no no on my face as I already have slightly oily skin but I have found that this one is ok on my face as long as I only use a tiny amount. However using it on my face isn't ideal for me so I have strayed away from using it there, I imagine if you have dry skin this would be great though!

On my body this is just great, I use it a couple of times a week all over my body but I especially love it for dry areas on my body like elbows, knees and ankles. Hair wise, this product is a good send! I use this on dry hair as a way to hydrate but I also mix it with warm water for another conditioning hair treatment. Not only does this oil really work on hydrating my hair it leaves it smelling amazing all day!!

This beautifying oil is such a diverse and interesting product and I'm really excited to find even more ways to use it. If you guys have this or a similar product please let me know how you use it??

Now I'm off shopping to buy even more of these beautifying oils so hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading!!


  L xxx


  1. This sounds quite interesting! I've never tried a body oil before, but love their coco butter so I may try this out.

  2. Yeah, a couple of years a go the cocoa butter was my favourite. The oil is really good you should definitely try it out and let me know if you like it! x