Thursday, August 22, 2013

Mascara Madness: My Pick Of Drugstore Mascaras

Walking into Boots and trying to find the perfect mascara for your budget can be very overwhelming, every brand has about a million different mascaras and frankly some of them just aren't up to scratch! So over the last couple of months I have done the hard work for you and tried out many different mascaras in order to find the best for you! So these 5 are my must have mascaras.

1. The Budget Buy- Maybelline Great Lash Mascara- £4.99
This was the first ever mascara I owned and I still buy it all the time! It isn't the best mascara in the world but it does the job. Your lashes look lovely and long but it doesn't add volume or fullness to them really! If you are just getting into make up or want a mascara to through in your handbag this is the one, and for £4.99 you can't really go wrong. I think part of my love for this is that it reminds me of being 15 again though!!

2. The I Can't Believe It's That Cheap- Collection Big Fake Ultimate Mascara- £5.99 (currently on offfer for £3.99) 
This mascara is crazy cheap for how good it is. The wand is so thick, it volumizes your lashes amazing. This leaves your lashes thick and full, giving an almost fake lash effect. This is my must have mascara at the moment as it just leaves my lashes looking amazing. This is normally £5.99, which is so cheap for the quality but it is currently on offer at Superdrug for a stupidly cheap £3.99 I shall be running down there and stocking up as soon as I can!!

3.The Middle Of The Range- Rimmel Lash Accelerator Mascara- £7.99
I was surprised to like this one actually! The wand is a strange shape but it actually works really well. The thick end is perfect for applying mascara all over your lashes where as the thinner end is great for getting into the inner corner so you don't miss those one!! The formula of this I didn't like to start with but once it had been open for a couple of weeks it gets a little thicker and is must better! 

4.The Beauty Blogger Favourite- Maybelline Volum Express Mascara Falsies- £7.99
I'm sure everyone has heard about the Falsies, it is a staple mascara for so many people and I love it to. But I think I love this variation slightly more!! the Volum Express just adds that little more volume to your lashes, and my lashes really need volume!! Unlike the Rimmel mascara the formulation of this is great from the beginning, I would say that it does dry up quite quickly though (especially if you sometimes leave the lid half one, whoops!) so don't expect it to last for ages but it is a really really good mascara!!

5. The Pricey Drugstore One- No7 Stay Perfect Mascara- £12.75
Now I have only had this one for a couple of weeks but it is one I really wanted to include. This has a much more natural finish than the others, it doesn't really volumise the lashes but it does length but the thing I love about this the most is the staying power. With some of the others I feel that it rubs onto my skin (especially in the summer) and I end up with highly unattractive panda eyes. But with this, it isn't problem. The brush is also slightly different because it is plastic. This mascara is quite new I think so I would be really interested to see what you guys have to say about it if you have tried it? 

and a special mention.....
I don't think I could do a mascara post without mentioning this one. The Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara is honestly a life saver! The tiny wand makes it really easy to apply to your bottom lashes and once this is on it just doesn't budge. This is slightly pricey though but I do think it is worth every 1200 pennys it costs!! (that's £12 by the way)

What are your favourite mascaras? Is there any I must try? Hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading.

                                               L xxx

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