Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Best Of MUA: My Top 5 (and some special mentions)

 I am currently having a bit of a love affair with MUA and over the last 6 or so months I have tried so many of their products. With so much MUA knocking around in my make up collection I thought this would be a great brand to do a top 5 products on. This is is no particular order, they are just my top 5! (and then there is a few extra products too whoops!!)

1. Eyeshadows-
Whether it's MUA's palettes, trio's or single shadows you can't go wrong. These are absoloutely amazing! The pigment and colour choice is great and the price tag is even better! The single shadows are £1, the trios £2.50 and the palettes a mere £4!! When I first purchased their eyeshadows I wasn't expecting greatness but I have been very pleasantly surprised by the quality. Some of the shadows can be slightly dodgy in that some are way more pigmented than others but overall they are a really good standard. I have reviewed the Undress Me Too Palette in full if you want to check that out! 

2.Pro Brow Kit
This was the first kit I ever bought for my eyebrows and I really really like it. It comes with a dark brown colour (perfect for dark hair), an ashy brown (great for red to blonde hair), a light highlighting colour (I use this on my brow bone) and a setting gel. The brush that it comes with I do not use but it does also come with mini tweezers (always handy) which I have put in my on the go make up bag. I use the ashy brown colour and it is a really good match for my brows. The only negative I have for this is that it does get quite messy, fall out from the powders often goes into the gel which is slight annoying but it isn't to tragic. This comes in at £3.50 which I think is an absolute steal.

The melted lipstick!

3. Lipsticks
When I first caught wind that the MUA lipsticks were only £1 I went slightly crazy and purchased loads and loads. I now have about 8 lipsticks and I have had quite the mixed experience with these! The colour selection is pretty good and normally the pigmentation is pretty good (1 or 2 have been very very sheer) but I have had a few disasters!! First disaster was a melting lipstick in Tenerife and the second was buying which just didn't twist up, to use this one now I have to get a brush and try and fit it into the tube (not always practical . That said these lipsticks are really really good. For £1 don't expect amazing quality but they are really good, the lasting power isn't great though so make sure you have one in your make up bag at all times!!

I have not tried their cream blushes so this will just be about the powder blushers! I only have a few of these but from the ones I have got I am very very happy. Like the lipsticks these are only £1. When I first used these I applied quite a generous amount as I thought the pigmentation wouldn't be great but god was I wrong! Have a light hand when you apply these as the colours are very bright and that translate right onto the skin. These are great and the shades they have are all really pretty.

5. BB Cream
Finally BB cream, now I wasn't 100% sure whether to include this as when I reviewed it the other day the review wasn't totally positive. But after much thought I decided that I do really like this product. Over the last week or so I seem to have rediscovered this and when applying it with my beauty blender it blends amazingly. Days where I don't have many blemishes this is the BB cream I find myself reaching for.

And some special mentions...
These are two products that I have heard really good things about but not yet tried. The Pro Matte Complexion Primer and the Pro Base Fixing Mist have both been raved about by so many people, like I said I have not tried these but after all this talk of MUA I think I shall be purchasing them as soon as I can. If any of you have tried these products let me know??

So that is my top 5 products, I am not sure which brand I will be doing next so if you have any suggestions comment below. Also what are your top 5 MUA products? Hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading!!

                                                                     L xxx


  1. I do like the MUA palettes, although I wasn't very impressed by Undressed too, I thought the first one was much better, but in general it's such a fun great brand that also keeps up with trends :O). Xx


    1. Yeah I agree, a really great brand! Do love the undress me too palette though!! L xx