Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Natural Collection Blush Review

Pink Cloud, Rosey Glow and Peach Melba (Rosey Glow and Peach Melba look slightly more brown in this picture than in real life)

When I think of drugstore make up brands Natural Collection isn't one that jumps out at me but over the last couple of months I have found myself heading over to their stand more and more, mostly for their blushes. I haven't tried a wide variety of their products but the blushes, oh wow they are good!!

I have heard countless people, including Lily Pebbles, talk about Peach Melba, and this was the first blush that I bought from Natural Collection and the one that got me hooked!! I have choosen to talk about my favourite 3, Peach Melba, Rosey Glow and Pink Cloud, all of which are such lovely colours. Before I talk about my individual favourites I will talk about the product itself. The texture of all the blushers are absolutely lovely, they feel almost velvety on the skin and are therefore a pleasure to apply. These are all super pigmented so don't be too heavy

handed with the brush! I would say the staying power of these are no better or worse than the average drugstore brush, it isn't anything great but will stay on for a good 8 or so hours. The finish of these aren't too powdery which is good and they leave a nice natural flush of colour on the cheek. 

Pink Cloud, Rosey Glow and Peach Melba
I'm not sure how many different colours Natural Collection do but these 3 are my stand out favourites. Peach Melba is just one of the nicest blushes I own. It leaves a super pretty peachy natural flush of colour. The colour is also really buildable if you want to have a less natural look. Rosey Glow is an almost rose gold colour, which I completely lovely. It has a much more bronzey feel and is great for creating a really bronzed look. I would say this and Peach Melba are very similar but are both super pretty. Finally Pink Cloud is an almost bright barbie pink colour. I tend to go for more peachy or coral toned blushers so this is different to what I am use to but is so pretty. You do have to be quite careful with this one though as it can leave you looking like a child playing with make up if you don't blend it in nicely as it is so bright. 

I think these are some of the best drugstore blushers and would really recommend them! What do you think of Natural Collection blushers? And what else from this brand do you like? 

Hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading!

                                                                            L xxx


  1. Hi, love your site, I saw your comment on somebody's post and Im so glad I came onto your blogger! Honestly love it:)!

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    1. aww such a lovely comment thank you so much!! L xxx

  2. I've never tried them but judging from the swatches they look like such great shades! Lovely blog, new follower :)
    Lydia Rose

  3. Natural collection do have some fab bits just have to have a little search! I have a couple of their blushers and there not too bad!


    1. Yeah. I'm going to have a little search next time I'm in boots! L xxx